New Check_MK innovation release 1.5.0i2

\n\nDear friends of Check_MK,

the new innovation release 1.5.0i2 of Check_MK is ready for download.

This test release ships with 63 changes affecing all editions of Check_MK,
22 Enterprise Edition specific changes and 0 Managed Services Edition speci=
fic changes.

This release will be in active maintaintenance until 2018-02-03.
The passive maintenance will be until 2018-03-20. For details take
a look at the Check_MK versions chapter of the Check_MKhandbook.

Changes in all Check_MK Editions:

* 5542 Table quick search: Is now using regex matching instead of substring=
* 5583 Restrict agent access via IP address: IPv6 addresses/networks can no=
w be configured
* 5536 Network scan: New option to disable configuring “IPv4 Address” attri=
* 5544 LDAP: It is now possible to clone LDAP connections
* 5537 Icon categories can now be customized
* 5559 Bulk import: site attribute can now be imported
* 5565 FIX: WATO rules: Breadcrumb navigation is now consistent with rule s=
* 5558 FIX: Rule list: Fixed visibility of rules in child folders for trans=
itive folders
* 5563 FIX: Renamed “Site Management” configuration options introduced with=
* 5250 FIX: Fixed tmpfs full issue: Activate Changes did not cleanup all te=
mporary files
* 5547 FIX: Errors in pre-activate-changes hooks prevent configuration acti=
vation now (regression since 1.2.8)
* 5545 FIX: Editing rules: Fixed adding date+user to rule comments

User interface:
* 5457 EventConsole: Keyword search is now possible in rule packs and rules=
* 5586 FIX: Raw edition: Fixed adding graphs to dashboards
* 5541 FIX: IE 11+: Fixed styling of select fields
* 5452 FIX: Highly improved performance of rendering large tables of HW/SW =
inventory trees
* 5570 FIX: Fixed disabling of availability row limit
* 5585 FIX: Added missing icon “host is currently not being checked” to hos=
t views

* 5463 FIX: Report invalid table names via response header.
* 5468 FIX: Fixed indexing with disjunctions.
* 5466 FIX: Fixed filtering of services table for host name
* 5465 FIX: Fixed calculation of standard deviation.
* 5462 FIX: Fixed aggregation of performance data

Linux distributions:
* 5561 Add build support for SLES12SP3

HW/SW inventory:
* 5453 FIX: HW/SW inventory: Changed output format of raw inventory tree
* 5584 FIX: Fixed exception when “Export List of Software packages as CSV f=
ile” is enabled

Event console:
* 5579 Rule event limit can now be configured individually per rule
* 5580 Host event limit can now be configured individuall per Host & servic=
e ruleset
* 5254 Event console: Introduced syslog application placeholder which can b=
e used in rewriting events
* 5578 FIX: Fixed process locking (pid file handling)

Core & setup:
* 5538 Improved performance when processing a large amount of piggyback data
* 5543 Host rename: Reduced duration of core downtime during host renamings
* 5535 Check_MK hosts can now use multiple agents
* 5444 FIX: SNMP commands: Prevent zombie processes in case of timeouts

Checks & agents:
* 5448 mssql checks: Added prefix ‘MSSQL’ to each MSSQL service description
* 5523 df: Make filesystem types ignored during discovery configurable via =
* 5519 ddn_s2a_errors, ddn_s2a_faultsbasic, ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.bootstatus,=
ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.cachecoh, ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.disks, ddn_s2a_faultsbas=
ic.dualcomm, ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.ethernet,, ddn_s2=
a_faultsbasic.pingfault,, ddn_s2a_faultsbasic.temp, =
ddn_s2a_stats,, ddn_s2a_stats.readhits, ddn_s2a_statsdelay=
, ddn_s2a_uptime, ddn_s2a_version: Suite of checks to monitor DDN S2A stora=
ge devices
* 5247 cmk –list-hosts now supports the additional options –all-sites, –=
* 5446 ceph_status, ceph_status.pgs, ceph_status.osds, ceph_status.mgrs, ce=
ph_df: new checks for Ceph Storage
* 5480 bdt_tape_info, bdt_tape_status, bdtms_tape_info, bdtms_tape_module, =
bdtms_tape_status: new checks to monitor tape libraries
* 5253 Linux check_mk_agent: now able to execute plugins for real time chec=
* 5481 Host-specific Check_MK agent TCP connect timeouts
* 5527 FIX: ucd_mem, hr_mem: Prefer ucd_mem check for certain Cisco IronPor=
t models
NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
* 5520 FIX: rstcli, rstcli.pdisks: Fix broken parse function
* 5522 FIX: mkbackup: Fix crash in case of multiple backup jobs
* 5549 FIX: mk_oracle.ps1: Fixed scattered information for configuration
* 5456 FIX: mk_oracle, mk_oracle.aix: Fixed excluding all sections for any =
SID which contains invalid characters in the related variable name
* 5451 FIX: logwatch: Fixed reclassifying mechanism: Patterns did not apply=
correctly if they have changed
* 5521 FIX: logwatch: Fix exception in WATO’s check parameter display
* 5582 FIX: hr_cpu: Fixed displaying of “per core CPU utilization” in raw e=
dition graphs
* 5479 FIX: fileinfo: handle globbing pattern expansion and whitespace in f=
* 5248 FIX: diskspace cleanup: No longer deletes agent updater registration=
files of hosts monitored in foreign sites
* 5525 FIX: check_mk_agent.aix: Fix spoolfile handling
* 5526 FIX: check_dns: Do not pass off the host’s IP address as a default D=
NS server address
* 5413 FIX: Windows agent: nocontext tag did not work for multibyte encoded=
* 5411 FIX: Windows agent: handle WMI timeouts
* 5412 FIX: Windows agent: fix logfile glob patterns without ‘*’ at the end
NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
* 5414 FIX: Windows agent: Exchange Availability Service was broken
* 5251 FIX: Windows Agent: Improved handling of cmk-update-agent.exe plugin
* 5416 FIX: Prevent MS Exchange checks from crashing upon WMI timeout
* 5415 FIX: Make Windows section openhardwaremonitor backwards compatible
* 4863 FIX: MSSQL plugin: fixed backup detection for always-on and FOC syst=
* 5255 FIX: Autodiscovery with Automatic Activate changes: fixed race condi=
tion when trying to delete state file

Changes in the Check_MK Enterprise Edition:

* 5470 Make the number of rrdcached write threads configurable.

The Check_MK Micro Core:
* 5532 Host/Service states and outputs can now be translated
* 5471 FIX: Handle malformed SEND_CUSTOM_{HOST,SERVICE}_NOTIFICATION comman=
ds more gracefully.
* 5472 FIX: Ensure correct quoting of values in event contexts.
* 5473 FIX: Add correct host-related acknowledgement info to notifications.

Reporting & availability:
* 5567 Scheduled reports can now be stored in the site
* 5568 FIX: Fixed breaking report elements when reloading edit page

* 5483 FIX: mknotifyd: improve error handling and logging
* 5564 FIX: Fixed site filter when using “analyse notification”

Metrics system:
* 5539 Improved performance of pages showing many graphs
* 5569 Graph layout is now more customizable
* 5540 FIX: “Graph time range” display option had no effect on Check_MK gra=

Core & setup:
* 5562 Flap settings can now be configured individually for hosts/services
* 5534 FIX: Fixed wrong host graph scaling when using DNS names as IPv4 add=
* 5467 FIX: Fixed interaction between periodic notifications and acknowledg=
* 5469 FIX: Fixed acknowledgement notifications when RBN is disabled

Checks & agents:
* 5252 FIX: Agent Updater Check: increased robustness in handling incomplet=
e agent data

Agent bakery:
* 5267 cmk-update-agent: New binary format of Agent Updater executable on L=
* 5264 FIX: cmk-update-agent: Improve logging under windows
* 5265 FIX: cmk-update-agent: Enable Agent Updater to update itself on Wind=
* 5581 FIX: Fixed incompatibility when installing baked packages on systems=
with older python versions
* 5546 FIX: Count, size and age of files (Linux, Windows): Increased input =
fields of paths

Changes in the Check_MK Managed Services Edition:


You can download Check_MK from our download page:

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We greatly thank you for using Check_MK and wish you a successful monitorin=

Your Check_MK Team

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