CVE: CVE-2018-0014
Published: 2018-01-10T22:29Z
Vendor: juniper
Products: screenos
Versions: 6.3.0r1, 6.3.0r2, 6.3.0r3, 6.3.0r4, 6.3.0r5, 6.3.0r6, 6.3.0r7, 6.3.0r8, 6.3.0r9, 6.3.0r10, 6.3.0r11, 6.3.0r12, 6.3.0r13, 6.3.0r14, 6.3.0r15, 6.3.0r16, 6.3.0r17, 6.3.0r18, 6.3.0r19, 6.3.0r20, 6.3.0r21, 6.3.0r22, 6.3.0r23, 6.3.0r24, 6.3.0r25,
Description Language: en
Description: Juniper Networks ScreenOS devices do not pad Ethernet packets with zeros, and thus some packets can contain fragments of system memory or data from previous packets. This issue is often detected as CVE-2003-0001. The issue affects all versions of Juniper Networks ScreenOS prior to 6.3.0r25.