CVE: CVE-2018-0095
Published: 2018-01-18T06:29Z
Vendor: cisco
Products: asyncos
Versions: 9.1.1-005, 9.7.2-065,
Description Language: en
Description: A vulnerability in the administrative shell of Cisco AsyncOS on Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA) and Content Security Management Appliance (SMA) could allow an authenticated, local attacker to escalate their privilege level and gain root access. The attacker has to have a valid user credential with at least a privilege level of a guest user. The vulnerability is due to an incorrect networking configuration at the administrative shell CLI. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by authenticating to the targeted device and issuing a set of crafted, malicious commands at the administrative shell. An exploit could allow the attacker to gain root access on the device. Cisco Bug IDs: CSCvb34303, CSCvb35726.