New Check_MK stable release 1.4.0p24

\n\nDear friends of Check_MK,

the new stable release 1.4.0p24 of Check_MK is ready for download.

This maintenance release ships with 20 changes affecing all editions of Check_MK,
3 Enterprise Edition specific changes and 0 Managed Services Edition specific changes.

Changes in all Check_MK Editions:

* 5652 FIX: Fixed escaped underline HTML tag in help texts
* 5657 FIX: Custom user attributes that are not editable by the user can now edited by the admin

User interface:
* 5632 SEC: Fixed XSS when rendering values of dropdown choices
* 5654 SEC: Fixed XSS on the site management page
* 5659 FIX: Master control snapin: Improved handling of half configured sites

* 5491 FIX: Show failed host notifications in tactival overview

HW/SW inventory:
* 5623 FIX: lnx_if: Do not ignore interface any more if no speed information is available

Event console:
* 5595 FIX: Fixed “Events of monitored host” view showing events not related to the wanted host

Checks & agents:
* 5488 FIX: veeam_jobs: Add support for new veeam API
* 5602 FIX: ups_modulys_alarms: Make check handle devices outputting NULL instead of integer type flags on some values
* 5614 FIX: raritan_pdu_ocprot: Fixed wrong scaling of current value
* 5489 FIX: pvecm_status: Fix parsing of agent output that could lead to a crash
* 5554 FIX: ps: Fixed missing Total RAM if AIX is the source and percentual thresholds are configured
* 5494 FIX: nfsmounts, cifsmounts: increase timeout of nfsmounts and deliver correct status details
* 5619 FIX: memory.include: Ignoring levels led to a crash because the handling of the paramters was not correct
* 5487 FIX: isc_dhcpd: Resolve performance issues
* 5660 FIX: Windows agent: Removed unused nowin.exe
* 5699 FIX: Windows agent crashed at non-existent Skype perf counter
* 5689 FIX: Newline in mrpe include file crashed Windows agent

Site management:
* 5648 FIX: omd stop/start: Add new option to execute site actions simultaneously

Changes in the Check_MK Enterprise Edition:

User interface:
* 5658 FIX: Fixed possible “TypeError” on “Agent update status” view

Reporting & availability:
* 5656 FIX: Report edit: Add validation that reports can not use layouts from itself

Core & setup:
* 5634 FIX: Fixed slowing of CMC stop operation when SNMP checks are running

Changes in the Check_MK Managed Services Edition:


You can download Check_MK from our download page:

Please mail bug reports and qualified feedback to
We greatly thank you for using Check_MK and wish you a successful monitoring,

Your Check_MK Team

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