BuildStream 1.1.3 released

Hi all,

This is the forth release in the 1.1 development series of BuildStream,
brings in some new features, and is a bit more stable.

This release includes one minor API break which is mostly superficial,
the `bst –version` output has changed to only output the version with
no decorations (so if you are automatically parsing the version output,
which I doubt, you may have to change how that is done).

What is BuildStream ?
BuildStream is a Free Software tool for building/integrating software
stacks. It takes inspiration, lessons and use-cases from various
projects including OBS, Reproducible Builds, Yocto, Baserock,
Buildroot, Aboriginal, GNOME Continuous, JHBuild, Flatpak Builder and
Android repo.

BuildStream supports multiple build-systems (e.g. autotools, cmake,
distutils, make, meson), and can create outputs in a range of formats
(e.g. debian packages, flatpak runtimes, sysroots, system images) for
multiple platforms and chipsets.

buildstream 1.1.3

  o Added new `bst init` command to initialize a new project.

  o Cross junction tracking is now disabled by default for projects
    which can support this by using project.refs ref-storage

    New options have been added to explicitly enable cross-junction

  o Failed jobs are now summarised at the end of a build.

    Use `–verbose` and `–no-verbose` to adjust the amount of detail

  o BuildElements’ `configure-commands` are only run once for
    workspaces now, which allows for incremental builds.

    Appropriate API for plugins is also exposed through

  o The `cmake` plugin now supports building with ninja with the
    newly added `generator` configuration option.

  o `bst workspace close` and `bst workspace reset` now support 
multiple elements. All elements can be specified using `–all`.

  o The elements whose cache keys had to be determined during the build
    are summarised at the end of the build.

  o Fixed versioning introspection to be dynamic, many users use
    a developer install mode so they can update with git, now the
    version information is always up to date in logs.

    This causes a minor API break: The –version output now only
    outputs the version.

 – Abderrahim Kitouni
 – Chandan Singh
 – James Ennis
 – Javier Jardón
 – Jim MacArthur
 – Paul Sherwood
 – Phillip Smyth
 – Richard Maw
 – Sam Thursfield
 – Tristan Maat
 – Tristan Van Berkom
 – milloni

Where can I get it ?

For more information on the BuildStream project, visit our home page

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