New Check_MK beta release 1.5.0b1

\n\nDear friends of Check_MK,

the new beta release 1.5.0b1 of Check_MK is ready for download.

With this release we reach the beta phase of the Check_MK 1.5.0 version. Most
of the features we have scheduled for 1.5.0 are finished and included in the
beta release.

This first beta release makes the 1.5 available for the Check_MK Raw Edition
users! We would like to ask all users to try out the new version and help us
tracking down the remaining problems to get a stable version as possible.

This test release ships with 119 changes affecing all editions of Check_MK, 21
Enterprise Edition specific changes and 2 Managed Services Edition specific

This release will be in active maintaintenance until 2018-05-11. The passive
maintenance will be until 2018-06-10. For details take a look at the Check_MK
versions chapter of the Check_MK handbook.

Changes in all Check_MK Editions:

* 5850 Management board protocol can now be configured on folders
* 5783 Introduced background jobs for longer running task
* 5797 FIX: netapp_api_luns: fixed interchanged free/used names in WATO configuration rule
NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
* 5784 FIX: WATO Web-API: fixed broken update of host tags
* 5881 FIX: Tag condition editor could show wrong tag selection after submission
* 5886 FIX: Improved performane of “ineffective ruleset” searching
* 5874 FIX: Improved diagnose logging for WATO integrated Git
* 5851 FIX: Hosts: Don’t show additional IP addresses on host list pages
* 5875 FIX: Git: Fixed error “git add –all … is outside repository” with older git versions
* 5878 FIX: Fixes sorting of host tag groups
* 5889 FIX: Fixed visible HTML tag in WATO folder permission error message
* 5849 FIX: Fixed visibility of “Data sources” properties when editing folders
* 5866 FIX: Fixed performance issue on ruleset search and discovery page with a large number of rules
* 5884 FIX: Fixed host tag removal confirm dialog (1.5 regression)
* 5848 FIX: Fixed broken inheritance of agent type set on folders (regression in 1.5.0i2)
* 5883 FIX: Fixed broken conversion of customized agent tag group (Regression #5257)
* 5852 FIX: Fixed broken “Management board SNMP credentials” inheritance
* 5931 FIX: Fixed “skipping unimplemented check” warning message of active checks
* 5868 FIX: Fix duplicate search entries in check plugins search in WATO
* 5905 FIX: Configured “Receive fallback notifications” attribute of users was not displayed correctly
* 5885 FIX: Builtin auxiliary tags were not available when editing tags (Regression in 1.5)

User interface:
* 5899 Add new permission for “Remove all” downtimes button on hosts/services
* 5750 Add negate button to the Host Auxiliary Tags filter
* 5871 FIX: Improved service view rendering performance when showing perfometers
* 5864 FIX: Host- and service state filters were not set when adding a filtered view to a dashboard
* 5938 FIX: Fixed search of event console packs and rules
* 5888 FIX: Fixed non working quick search redirect when “Buffered HTTP stream” is off
* 5856 FIX: Fixed host auxiliary tag filter with service views
* 5944 FIX: Fixed broken HTTP header auth for not yet existing users
* 5942 FIX: Fixed broken BI availability with limit set to 0 (regression in 1.4.0p26)
* 5879 FIX: Dashboard: View dashlets were not applying row limits
* 5766 FIX: Contact groups: Fixed handling of missing inventory paths
* 5861 FIX: Availability: Fixed missing warning about reached logrow limit for BI aggregations
* 5904 FIX: Add view name to view permission help text and mobile prefix for mobile views

Site management:
* 5865 FIX: omd rm –kill now kills all processes of the site user
* 5870 FIX: Removed PYTHONPATH from site environment
* 5898 FIX: Improved error handling in case of wrong permissions on init scripts

Reporting & availability:
* 5902 FIX: Fixed possible exception in PDF export when using the Nagios core

Other components:
* 5794 FIX: diskspace cleanup: now also deletes any connected .info file when removing a rrd file
* 5956 FIX: Updated NagVis to 1.9.7
* 5855 FIX: Updated NagVis to 1.9.5
* 5906 FIX: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.6
* 5941 FIX: Fixed nagios using outdated config when not using “cmk -R/-O”
* 5831 FIX: Fixed RFC1158 MIB from pysnmp library
* 5907 FIX: CentOS/RedHat: Add explicit dependency to php-cli and php-xml to fix possible broken PNP graphs

* 5785 FIX: User notification rules: Now also checks if the user is restricted to authorized sites

* 5829 FIX: Fixed calculation of time ranges when using disjunctions in queries.

HW/SW inventory:
* 5895 mgmt_ipmi_firmware: New inventory plugin to gather the IPMI board firmware version
* 5963 docker_container_labels, docker_container_node_name: Inventorizes labels and node name of docker containers
* 5776 FIX: win_reg_uninstall: Fixed transposed month and day fields of dates which caused ‘Inventory failed: unconverted data remains’
* 5770 FIX: HW/SW/-Inventory service: Displayed wrong amount of entries by using wrong data source
* 5933 FIX: HW/SW inventory: Fixed AttributeError
* 5771 FIX: Created wrong SNMP cache folder ‘var/check_mk/HOST’

Event console:
* 5832 Render snmpTrapAddress in a human-readable form even without SNMP trap translation
* 5744 Export of rule packs in MKP packages
NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
* 5833 FIX: Fixed handling of ‘acknowledged’ parameter of the EC’s UPDATE command
* 5751 FIX: Add contact group contacts of EC rule if host is not a core host

Core & setup:
* 5873 IPMI Management board
* 5945 Hosts can now be configured without IP address
* 5887 FIX: Protect against checks overriding Check_MK internal config variables
* 5896 FIX: Improved output of Check_MK services
* 5903 FIX: Improved handling of CTRL+C in some situations
* 5900 FIX: Fixed broken “Check_MK” service when using the Nagios core
* 5901 FIX: Fixed broken “Check_MK Discovery” service when using Nagios core
* 5897 FIX: Agent connection errors are now treated as connection errors again

Checks & agents:
* 5742 windows_tasks: show the hexadecimal representation of the status code
* 5950 uptime: Is now reported correctly for docker containers
* 5769 site_object_counts: New check which collects information about the amount of different host types or used check commands of OMD sites
* 5772 mssql_counters.transactions,mssql_counters.pageactivity,mssql_counters.locks are cluster aware
* 5753 mk_postgres: reduce the amount of psql sessions opened by the plugin
* 5953 lnx_thermal: Disabled in docker container contexts
* 5946 lnx_if: Exclude veth* network interfaces on docker nodes
* 5951 kernel: Disabled in docker container contexts
* 5767 f5_bigip_vserver: Status of VServer is configurable
* 5954 drbd: Disabled in docker container contexts
* 5959 docker_node_info: New check which monitors the status of docker daemon
* 5755 docker_node_info.containers, docker_system_df: new checks to monitor the container status and disk usage of a node
* 5960 docker_images: Inventorizes information about repository, tag, ID, creation time, size, labels and the amount of containers of docker images
* 5948 docker_container_mem: Docker container specific memory checking
* 5952 docker_container_cpu: Check the CPU utilization of a docker container
* 5947 df: Exclude docker local storage mounts on docker nodes
* 5955 df mounts: Skip docker mounts for name resolution
* 5949 cpu.threads cpu.load: Disabled in docker container contexts
* 5752 cisco_stackpower: only inventorize enabled ports, show operational status in service output
* 5743 cisco_ip_sla: show source and target address in service output
* 5937 apc_system_events: New check which monitors active system events on an InRow Cooling device
* 5707 Windows: allow eventlog monitoring from multiple hosts
* 5958 Introduce docker monitoring with Check_MK
* 4867 F5 BIG-IP: new checks for vCMP guest monitoring
* 5910 FIX: ups_cps_outphase: Fixed decimal place in current outphase
* 5777 FIX: ucs_bladecenter_fans.temp: Made item name unique
NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
* 5749 FIX: tcp_conn_stats: use ss by default if present otherwise fall back to cat /proc/net/tcp
* 5964 FIX: sym_brightmail_queues: Fixed ValueError if some queues do not provide all necessary data
* 5961 FIX: nfsmounts, cifsmounts: Fixed the blemish “Invalid parameter” displayed in service discovery dialog
* 5912 FIX: mk_jolokia: Fixed exception in Bakery rule if an instance is set
* 5869 FIX: Fixed displaying of percentage thresholds in graphs (Regression in 1.4.0p21)
* 5911 FIX: mem.linux: Fixed Perf-O-Meter displaying wrong usage if swap is used
* 5710 FIX: jolokia_generic.string: Fix broken parameter handling
* 5741 FIX: isc_dhcpd: allow dynamic-bootp entries
* 5774 FIX: if.include: Wrong items were discovered which led to vanished/undecided(unknown) services
* 5909 FIX: fortigate_sessions, fortigate_cpu: Fixed duplicated discovery if needed information is at two places
* 5876 FIX: fileinfo_groups: Increased size of input fields
* 5711 FIX: cisco_mem_asa64: Fix incorrect labelling of graph
* 5712 FIX: cisco_mem, cisco_mem_asa, cisco_mem_asa64: No longer crash when total memory is reported as 0.
* 5748 FIX: cisco_cpu, cisco_nexus_cpu: improve snmp_scan_functions
NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
* 5788 FIX: check_bi_aggr: no longer reports “SubjectAltNameWarning” when initiating connection
* 5789 FIX: agent_ucs_bladecenter: removed legacy debug feature, which import the UcsSdk python module
* 5858 FIX: agent_ipmi_sensors: Search PATH for ipmi-sensors command
* 5859 FIX: agent_ipmi_sensors: Fixed exception when using debug mode
* 5920 FIX: Windows: use standard file matching patterns for fileinfo
NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
* 5704 FIX: Windows agent: prevent crash without IPv6 support
* 5706 FIX: Windows agent: fix endianness of IP addresses
NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
* 5919 FIX: Windows agent crashed with a lot of transport protocols available
* 5705 FIX: Restore support for 32 bit Windows
* 5839 FIX: MSSQL Plugin: fixed mssql_backups for some SQL server versions and situations (alwayson, cluster)
* 5936 FIX: Fixed broken metrics in Fireeye statistics checks. Affected performance graphs are now generated correctly.
* 5838 FIX: Citrix Netscaler Certificates: check is cluster aware now
* 5793 FIX: Agent Encryption: No longer trying to decrypt all incoming tcp data when a “Encryption” rule with an arbitrary value was set

* 5317 FIX: BI rules: Fixed renaming rule

Changes in the Check_MK Enterprise Edition:

* 5862 FIX: Windows agent sections: Fixed incompatibility with rules created before 1.4.0p22
* 5863 FIX: Windows agent sections: Fixed incompatibility with rules created before 1.4.0p14
* 5860 FIX: Fixed description of recurring downtime rules

Reporting & availability:
* 5747 FIX: fix daylight saving time error
* 5892 FIX: Tables: Fixed backgrounds not filling whole table cells
* 5867 FIX: Report scheduler: Sending mails manually could be triggered multiple times when reloading the page
* 5893 FIX: Fixed some report table layout problems
* 5853 FIX: Fixed escaped HTML entities in view columns
* 5891 FIX: Fixed column layout of host/service report tables (smaller titles)
* 5943 FIX: Fixed broken PDF export of host/service history views

* 5745 FIX: handle deferred notification properly

Metrics system:
* 5857 FIX: Improve amount of v axis labels for smaller graphs

Inline SNMP:
* 5894 FIX: Fixed possible exception on service discovery page for SNMP hosts

Core & setup:
* 5830 FIX: Fixed DST shift correction for downtimes, causing CMC to use 100% CPU

Checks & agents:
* 5796 FIX: Fixed race condition in counter computation if a host uses real time checks
* 5787 FIX: Fixed broken host check command “Always assume to be up”
* 5791 FIX: Fixed broken calculation of correct host check command

Alert handlers:
* 5939 Alert handlers can now be packed into MKPs

Agent bakery:
* 5775 FIX: Fixed missing McAfee AV client baklet for Windows systems
* 5872 FIX: Do not bake VANILLA/GENERIC implicit when bake for list of hosts
* 5882 FIX: Agent bakery host selection was showing wrong settings after saving

Changes in the Check_MK Managed Services Edition:

User interface:
* 5880 FIX: Dashboards: Fixed broken links in views provider columns

Other components:
* 5940 FIX: Fixed broken packaging of CME in 1.5

You can download Check_MK from our download page:

Please mail bug reports and qualified feedback to
We greatly thank you for using Check_MK and wish you a successful monitoring,

Your Check_MK Team

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