[Check_mk Announce] New Check_MK beta release 1.5.0b8

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Dear friends of Check_MK,

the new beta release 1.5.0b8 of Check_MK is ready for download.

To focus on the 1.5 beta feedback we have created a dedicated mail address:


All mails to this address will be used to improve the 1.5 and are
completely free of charge.

This test release ships with 42 changes affecing all editions of Check_MK,
10 Enterprise Edition specific changes and 1 Managed Services Edition specific changes.

This release will be in active maintenance until 2018-08-10.
The passive maintenance will be until 2018-09-09. For details take
a look at the Check_MK versions chapter of the Check_MK handbook.

Changes in all Check_MK Editions:

* 6233 FIX: Wato Web-API: Fixed broken service discovery for cluster hosts
* 6239 FIX: WATO host diagnostic page: SNMPv3+Credentials hosts no longer report an exception.
* 6231 FIX: WATO GUI rule matching: Fixed broken evaluation of negated WATO rules
* 6319 FIX: Fixed wrong changelog entry when moving folders
* 6325 FIX: Fixed broken “Parameter rule set” link on check manpages
* 5827 FIX: Background jobs: fixed race condition where current job state was not available

User interface:
* 6118 Add a analyze configuration rule for flexible and plain email notifications
* 6320 FIX: Some services (e.g. Linux Memory) were using wrong perfometers
* 6234 FIX: SLA computing: added some bugfixes relating to special timeperiods
* 6322 FIX: Inventory painters: Allow dynamic table column width scaling
* 6321 FIX: Fixed perfometer sorting in some cases
* 5825 FIX: Fixed broken sync of personal user settings information to slave sites

Site management:
* 6286 FIX: crontab init script: Fixed implicit dependency to “which” command

Other components:
* 6279 FIX: Fixed package installation when bash-completion is not installed

* 6119 FIX: asciimail, mail: display the custom host and service notes URL correctly in notifications
* 6232 FIX: Notifications rules are no longer sortable

HW/SW inventory:
* 6237 FIX: Inventory plugin esx_vsphere_hostsystem: fixed crash during HW/SW inventory

Event console:
* 6014 FIX: Fixed handling of expected regular messages
* 6225 FIX: Fix key errors in mkeventd.log due to missing default values
* 6222 FIX: Fix exception during event rewriting, causing events for missing expected messages failing to be created

Core & setup:
* 6281 Add Edition and running core to crash reports

Checks & agents:
* 6204 veritas_vcs, veritas_vcs.servicegroup: Monitor ‘frozen’ Attribute of Veritas Cluster
* 6229 netapp_api_status: now also supports state “ok_with_suppressed”
* 6117 check_http: Add the possibility to perform certificate checks over a proxy
* 6300 FIX: win_printers: Added line break to section header; otherwise the output format was broken in case of a Get-WMIObject failure
* 6148 FIX: solaris_fmadm: Some ‘fmadm’ versions provide a different output format. This may lead to empty service details if the agent reports any problems
* 6305 FIX: sap_hana_filesystem, sap_hana_mem: Fixed wrong conversion of filesystem and memory values
* 6142 FIX: qnap_disks: Fixed undetected error if SMART information is missing
* 6141 FIX: mssql_databases: Fixed creating rule with ‘Map Database States’ parameters and moved state bubble to right place
* 6143 FIX: mssql_backup: Fixed crash if check gots old-style parameters
* 5826 FIX: mrpe: Fixed broken option “Append age to output”
* 6299 FIX: mk_logwatch: logwatch.d files were only loaded if logwatch.cfg was in place
* 6116 FIX: mk_db2.linux: major refactoring of the plugin to solve different issues
NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
* 6301 FIX: if_fortigate: Related graphs look like all other interface graphs
* 6307 FIX: hyperv_checkpoints: Parameters did not correctly apply
* 6282 FIX: docker_container_cpu: Fixed crash in some environments
* 6236 FIX: cmk –convert-rrds: fixed broken command
* 6302 FIX: check_mk_agent.linux: Fixed ‘oci runtime error: exec failed: container_linux.go:265: starting container process caused “exec: \”check_mk_agent\”: executable file not found in $PATH”‘
* 6306 FIX: check_mk_agent.aix: Prevent timeout of Check_MK service if LPARs of a PowerHA are hanging
* 6238 FIX: check_http: fixed proxy authentification problem when using NTLM
* 6145 FIX: Fixed “UnboundLocalError (local variable ‘section_content’ referenced before assignment)” (Updates werk 6186)
* 6191 FIX: Configure additional Windows eventlogs with keyword ‘logfile’

Changes in the Check_MK Enterprise Edition:

* 6240 WATO Web-API: Implemented SLA API interface
* 6115 FIX: Use the correct matching behaviour and avoid a crash while baking agents for some agent bakery rules
NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!

Other components:
* 6288 FIX: Added missing runtime dependency “cpio” for solaris package building

Metrics system:
* 6324 FIX: Notifications: Fixed height of graph area with a larger legend
* 6323 FIX: Fixed graph PNG export of other than first graphs

Checks & agents:
* 5935 FIX: logwatch: “Activate modern eventlog API introduced in vista” is now configurable via agent bakery

Agent bakery:
* 6144 FIX: win_eventlog: Fixed handling of optional parameter ‘Vista API’
* 5502 FIX: Prevent baked tar.gz agents from changing ownership of files on host
* 5499 FIX: Implicit default values for agent updater config
* 6287 FIX: Cleanup half written solaris pkg packages when error occurs during package finalization

Changes in the Check_MK Managed Services Edition:

* 6230 FIX: Managed Services Edition: Fixed broken GUI designer

You can download Check_MK from our download page:
* http://mathias-kettner.de/check_mk_download.html

Please mail bug reports and qualified feedback to feedback@check-mk.org.
We greatly thank you for using Check_MK and wish you a successful monitoring,

Your Check_MK Team

Mathias Kettner GmbH
Kellerstraße 29, 81667 München, Germany
Registergericht: Amtsgericht München, HRB 165902
Geschäftsführer: Mathias Kettner
Tel. +49 89 1890 435-0
Fax. +49 89 1890 435-29

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