[Check_mk Announce] New Check_MK stable release 1.5.0p1

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Dear friends of Check_MK,

the new stable release 1.5.0p1 of Check_MK is ready for download.

This maintenance release ships with 37 changes affecing all editions of Check_MK,
1 Enterprise Edition specific changes and 0 Managed Services Edition specific changes.

Changes in all Check_MK Editions:

* 6247 FIX: The WATO edit folder page is no longer broken, when the tag group criticality gets deleted
* 6422 FIX: Prevent non-admin users from managing custom host/user attributes
* 6425 FIX: Improved validation of timeperiods before deletion
* 6439 FIX: Fixed upload of some icon files
* 6431 FIX: Fixed bulk discovery (addition to #6377 in 1.5.0)
* 6440 FIX: Backup: Deleting a backup job now deletes the state file

User interface:
* 6433 FIX: Raw edition: Fixed interface graphs when no warn/crit/bandwidth is reported
* 6432 FIX: Raw Edition: Fixed possible broken graphs related to lower/upper parameters
* 6436 FIX: Prevent metrics with “,” in their names from breaking graphs
* 5918 FIX: New Theme: Fixed several bugs
* 6424 FIX: LDAP: Only set SSL/TLS specific options when SSL is enabled
* 6423 FIX: Fixed possible XSS in views with some filters
* 6421 FIX: Fixed interpretation of script tags when displaying werk texts
* 6441 FIX: Fixed broken bulk host import with discovery (Regression in 1.5.0)
* 6434 FIX: Background jobs: Not stoppable jobs ignore SIGTERM now

Site management:
* 6435 FIX: omd stop on all processes of a site terminates remaining site processes
* 6443 FIX: Fixed possible “omd backup” error when files vanish during backup
* 6396 FIX: Fixed ‘Unhandled exception 452’ in master control snapin if EC Daemon was disabled via ‘omd config’

* 6399 FIX: Avoid failed notifications in case of crash dumps

Event console:
* 6427 FIX: Raw Edition: Fixed broken Event Console rule editing (1.5 regression)
* 6438 FIX: Fixed canceling of events when positive and cancel messages both match
* 6428 FIX: Fixed broken positive matching on syslog priority
* 6429 FIX: Fixed broken cancel event based on priority

Core & setup:
* 6372 FIX: Check_MK service: Piggyback data source reports the source hosts now

Checks & agents:
* 6420 agent_3par: Certificate verification can now be enabled/disabled
* 6127 FIX: ucd.include: Astaro and Synology are Linux but should use hr_mem
NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
* 6391 FIX: multipath: Fixed unrecognized paths which include a dot
* 6395 FIX: mk_cups_queues: Fixed discovery of several printers
* 6442 FIX: huawei_osn_if: Fixed broken check (check_if_common is not defined)
* 6393 FIX: check_bi_aggr: Fixed link in ‘Open this aggregation’ in the dropdown menu of the aggregation service
* 6444 FIX: brocade_mlx.module_mem: Fixed broken discovery function (KeyError: state)
* 6419 FIX: agent_3par: Prevent InsecureRequestWarning error when ignoring SSL cert issues
* 6194 FIX: Windows fileinfo: wrong size for files exceeding 4 GB
* 6246 FIX: Windows Powershell: Scripts are now always called with the options -noprofile -executionpolicy bypass
* 6193 FIX: OpenHardwareMonitorCLI.exe was broken
* 6445 FIX: Fixed broken openhardwaremonitor executable
* 6459 FIX: 3par_volumes: Fix crash due to unknown provisioning type

Changes in the Check_MK Enterprise Edition:

The Check_MK Micro Core:
* 6015 Handle 802.1Q and 802.1ad packets in Smart Ping

Changes in the Check_MK Managed Services Edition:


You can download Check_MK from our download page:
* http://mathias-kettner.de/check_mk_download.html

Please mail bug reports and qualified feedback to feedback@check-mk.org.
We greatly thank you for using Check_MK and wish you a successful monitoring,

Your Check_MK Team

Mathias Kettner GmbH
Kellerstraße 29, 81667 München, Germany
Registergericht: Amtsgericht München, HRB 165902
Geschäftsführer: Jan Justus, Mathias Kettner
Tel. +49 89 1890 435-0
Fax. +49 89 1890 435-29

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