[Check_mk Announce] New Check_MK stable release 1.5.0p2

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Dear friends of Check_MK,

the new stable release 1.5.0p2 of Check_MK is ready for download.

This maintenance release ships with 8 changes affecing all editions of Check_MK,
1 Enterprise Edition specific changes and 0 Managed Services Edition specific changes.

Changes in all Check_MK Editions:

* 6450 FIX: Fixed handling of “SNMP” and “Dual Check_MK Agent + SNMP” tags when migrating from <1.5
* 6446 FIX: Fixed changing agent type from "No agent" to agent in some cases

User interface:
* 6449 SEC: Fixed stored XSS using custom host / user attributes
* 6448 FIX: Fixed displaying tag aliases in rule lists for builtin tags

Core & setup:
* 6447 FIX: Agent type: Fixed not working "use all enabled datasource programs" option

Checks & agents:
* 6460 FIX: jolokia_generic: Do not crash when non-numeric data is supplied for number or rate type values
* 6313 FIX: esx_vsphere_hostsystem: Fixed discovery of multipaths
* 6211 FIX: cisco_secure: Handle unknown 'enabled' state

Changes in the Check_MK Enterprise Edition:

The Check_MK Micro Core:
* 6016 FIX: Fixed creation of rule-based downtimes

Changes in the Check_MK Managed Services Edition:


You can download Check_MK from our download page:
* http://mathias-kettner.de/check_mk_download.html

Please mail bug reports and qualified feedback to feedback@check-mk.org.
We greatly thank you for using Check_MK and wish you a successful monitoring,

Your Check_MK Team

Mathias Kettner GmbH
Kellerstraße 29, 81667 München, Germany
Registergericht: Amtsgericht München, HRB 165902
Geschäftsführer: Jan Justus, Mathias Kettner
Tel. +49 89 1890 435-0
Fax. +49 89 1890 435-29

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