[Dovecot-news] v2.3.3 release candidate released


Binary packages are also available in https://repo.dovecot.org/ in ce-2.3.3 repository (not ce-2.3-latest).

* doveconf hides more secrets now in the default output.
* ssl_dh setting is no longer enforced at startup. If it’s not set and
non-ECC DH key exchange happens, error is logged and client is

+ Added log_debug= setting.
+ Added log_core_filter= setting.
+ quota-clone: Write to dict asynchronously
+ –enable-hardening attempts to use retpoline Spectre 2 mitigations
+ lmtp proxy: Support source_ip passdb extra field.
+ doveadm stats dump: Support more fields and output stddev by default.
+ push-notification: Add SSL support for OX backend.
– NUL bytes in mail headers can cause truncated replies when fetched.
– director: Conflicting host up/down state changes may in some rare
situations ended up in a loop of two directors constantly overwriting
each others’ changes.
– virtual plugin: Some searches used 100% CPU for many seconds
– dsync assert-crashed with acl plugin in some situations.
– mail_attachment_detection_options=add-flags-on-save assert-crashed
with some specific Sieve scripts.
– Mail snippet generation crashed with mails containing invalid
Content-Type:multipart header.
– Log prefix ordering was different for some log lines.
– quota: With noenforcing option current quota usage wasn’t updated.
– auth: Kerberos authentication against Samba assert-crashed.
– stats clients were unnecessarily chatty with the stats server.
– imapc: Fixed various assert-crashes when reconnecting to server.
– lmtp, submission: Fix potential crash if client disconnects while
handling a command.
– quota: Fixed compiling with glibc-2.26 / support libtirpc.
– fts-solr: Empty search values resulted in 400 Bad Request errors
– fts-solr: default_ns parameter couldn’t be used
– submission server crashed if relay server returned over 7 lines in
a reply (e.g. to EHLO)

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