evince 3.30.0 released

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About Document Viewer

Evince is a document viewer for multiple document formats. The goal of
evince is to replace the multiple document viewers that exist on the
GNOME Desktop with a single simple application.

Evince is specifically designed to support the file following formats:
PDF, Postscript, djvu, tiff, dvi, XPS, SyncTex support with gedit,
comics books (cbr,cbz,cb7 and cbt).



For this releases we focused on making the user experience simpler:
we unified the menues, removed redundancies. made explicit actions,
enabled shortcuts for most of the features available, and documented
them to avoid easter eggs. In this release, we also include snap and
flatpack packages, to make testing and contribute Evince simpler.
There will be more user interface changes in the next release, but
should be minimal in comparison with this one.


* Disable PostScript backend by default (#967, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=
* Disable build of broswer-plugin by default (#968, Germ=C3=A1n P
* Use synctex system library if available (#479, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=
* Correctly process rectangles whose points are not in the right
order (#736688, Jos=C3=A9 Aliste)
* Expand sentence to facilitate localization (#295, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-
* Add support for PDF/X and additional xmp metadata (#93, Evangelos
* Add support for xmp metadata outside x:xmpmeta element (#771,
Evangelos Rigas)
* escape html entities in pango markup (#776, Nelson Ben=C3=ADtez Le=C3=
* Add instructions on how to update LZMA SDK (#794327, Bastien
* Update LZMA SDK (#794327, Bastien Nocera)
* Make metadata dual licensed (#775, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Do not add more license unconditionally (#780, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=
* Annotate functions that wrap vfprintf (#562, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=
* Update from version 1.18 to 1.21 (#878, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Reword to not depend on a TeXlive package name (#461, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-
* document shortcuts to navigate the history (#858, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-
* libdocument: Add missing indices (Christian Persch)
* libview: Add missing indices and functions (Christian Persch)
* Add API to get the selected text (#794538, Will Hawkins)
* Add inline spell check for annotations (#772622, Will Hawkins)
* Document is-loading property (#693864, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Make sync-source signal introspectable (#694687, Hannes Ovr=C3=A9n)
* Reset `pressed_button` when starting Drag and Drop (#754, Jason
* Set minimum for Page Forward/Backward scrolling (#692, Jason Crain)
* fix transformation functions to document coordinates. (#914, Juan
Pablo Ugarte)
* avoid getting pointer position from vertical scroll callback
(#793401, Cosimo Cecchi)
* do scroll only on one axis at a time. (#866, Nelson Ben=C3=ADtez Le=C3=
* ignore unintended motion events while launching synctex (#951,
Nelson Ben=C3=ADtez Le=C3=B3n)
* Emit “updated” signal at end of search (#917, Jason Crain)
* Enable popover menu in EvPageActionWidget (#564, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-
* Let the buttons in search bar get focus (#216, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=
* Addshortcut to add text annotation (#635, #758329, Felipe Borges)
* Add ‘toggle continuous’ shortcut to help overlay (#820, Ois=C3=ADn)
* Add shortcut to add highlight annotations (#635, #758329, Felipe
* Add missed shortcut keys in help overlay (#786, #890, Yi-Soo An)
* Add separator for annotation items in menu (#752, Camille Moulin)
* Add shortcut for default zoom (1:1) (#19, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Add shortcut to delete bookmarks (#478, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Change icon for menus in buttons (#941, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Change to a more representative icon for annotations (#928, Germ=C3=A1n
* Disconnect bookmarks signal on toolbar dispose (#920, Jason Crain)
* Do not expose spellchecking option in the UI (#922, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-
* Fix DnD support for attachments (#683316, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Fix crash in ev_media_player_keys_grab_keys (#1359507, #795978,
Marek Kasik)
* Fix gresource location in recent view (#670, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=
* Fix regression on Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown shortcuts (#699, Germ=C3=A1n Poo=

* Fix regression on F3 shortcut (#595, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Make the space between buttons consistent (#929, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-
* Make the title RTL compliant (#486, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Menu reorganization (#475, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Move ‘Open…’ file from document to application (#514, #524,
Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Only propagate key press with control on presentation (#821, Jonas
* Remove duplicate and conflictive mnemonics (#770, #938, Germ=C3=A1n Poo=

* Set application-id (#646985, #918, Marek Kasik)
* Set the path to filename as a tooltip in the headerbar (#214,
Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Show description of attachments in sidebar (#166, Fernando Herrera)
* Use “user-bookmarks” instead of “bookmark-new” (#947, Felipe
* Use display and edit name for filename (#756354, Jason Crain)
* Use ev_window_set_action_enabled more (#794749, Jos=C3=A9 Aliste)
* Use selection to populate find bar if available. (#794538, Jos=C3=A9
* Use text instead of icons in annotations toolbar (#928, Germ=C3=A1n Poo=

* Use textual Open button instead of icon (#518, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=
* Use unicode to specify rotation direction in menu (#605, Germ=C3=A1n
* there is no need for view_menu_text_selection_popup (#763943, Jos=C3=A9
* Fix width of dialog on long file names (#797, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=
* Remove zoom-in/out icons from menu (#947, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Store priv->popup as a GtkPopover* (#881, Daniel Boles)
* Use Popover.popup() to get animation (#881, Daniel Boles)
* Add enumeration for zoom_in/out buttons (Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Set right alignment for zoom percentage (#947, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=
* Separate Open and Save actions in their own menu groups (#947,
Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Use a new icon for the outline in the side bar (#947, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-
* Show toolbar on select page activation in fullscreen (#784, Germ=C3=A1n
* Use Recent View toolbar when cannot open a document (#936, Germ=C3=A1n
* Provide hint when find is unavailable (#105, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=
* update app icon (#2, Jakub Steiner)
* install symbolics properly (#961, Jakub Steiner)
* Rearrange tools and navigation/view controls (#947, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-
* Allow adding Highlight annotations from text selection (#763943,
Nelson Ben=C3=ADtez Le=C3=B3n)
* add text markup annotation from selection (#663, Nelson Ben=C3=ADtez
* Fix add_annotation() to update area based on bounding box (#763943,
Nelson Ben=C3=ADtez Le=C3=B3n)
* Make annotation title independent of theme (#664, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-
* Add shortcuts for fullscreen and presentation mode (#786431, Jonas
* Switch the default sizing mode to automatic (#482, #733632, Juanjo
* Use Unicode quotation marks in new translatable strings (#774005,
Piotr Dr=C4=85g)
* Use a custom icon in the toolbar to view the sidebar (#947, Germ=C3=A1n
* Save attachments in a temporary directory (#711, #772188, Felipe
* Beautify the bookmarks buttons (#947, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Expand the sidebar switcher to fill the space (#947, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-
* Port to GtkStack (#475, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Put the sidebar switcher on the bottom (#947, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=
* Add context menu for sidebar annotations (#795631, #891, Nelson
Ben=C3=ADtez Le=C3=B3n)
* fix sensitiveness of remove bookmark button (#892, Nelson Ben=C3=ADtez
* Update addons for renamed .desktop (#962, Jeremy Bicha)
* Use dual license for addons too (#775, #962, Jeremy Bicha)
* Use mailing list address as a contact (Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o)
* Use provides to link to previous ID (#962, Jeremy Bicha)
* Add dependency on OpenJPEG (#939, Jason Crain)
* Add snap packaging (#790393, #856, Ken VanDine)


Allan Day, Andre Klapper, Bastien Nocera, Camille Moulin,
Christian Persch, Cosimo Cecchi, Daniel Boles, Evangelos Rigas,
Felipe Borges, Fernando Herrera, Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o, Hannes Ovr=
Hans Ulrich Niedermann, Jakub Steiner, Jason Crain, Jeremy Bicha,
Jonas Hahnfeld, Jos=C3=A9 Aliste, Juan Pablo Ugarte, Juanjo Marin,
Ken VanDine, Marek Kasik, Mirek Kratochvil, Nelson Ben=C3=ADtez Le=C3=B3n=
Nick Richards, Ois=C3=ADn, Piotr Dr=C4=85g, Will Hawkins, Yi-Soo An.


* Rafael Fontenelle (Brazilian Portuguese)
* Ricardo Silva Veloso (Brazilian Portuguese)
* Bruce Cowan (British English)
* Jordi Mas (Catalan)
* Mingcong Bai (Chinese (China))
* Yi-Jyun Pan (Chinese (Taiwan))
* gogo (Croatian)
* Marek Cernocky (Czech)
* Marek =C4=8Cernock=C3=BD (Czech)
* Ask Hjorth Larsen (Danish)
* Justin van Steijn (Dutch)
* Jiri Gr=C3=B6nroos (Finnish)
* Charles Monzat (French)
* Guillaume Bernard (French)
* Fabio Tomat (Friulian)
* Fran Dieguez (Galician)
* Marcos Lans (Galician)
* Christian Kirbach (German)
* Mario Bl=C3=A4ttermann (German)
* Tim Sabsch (German)
* Efstathios Iosifidis (Greek)
* Bal=C3=A1zs Mesk=C3=B3 (Hungarian)
* Bal=C3=A1zs =C3=9Ar (Hungarian)
* Sveinn =C3=AD Felli (Icelandic)
* Kukuh Syafaat (Indonesian)
* Gianvito Cavasoli (Italian)
* Baurzhan Muftakhidinov (Kazakh)
* Seong-ho Cho (Korean)
* R=C5=ABdolfs Mazurs (Latvian)
* Aurimas =C4=8Cernius (Lithuanian)
* Piotr Dr=C4=85g (Polish)
* Daniel =C8=98erb=C4=83nescu (Romanian)
* Stas Solovey (Russian)
* =D0=9C=D0=B8=D0=BB=D0=BE=D1=88 =D0=9F=D0=BE=D0=BF=D0=BE=D0=B2=D0=B8=D1=
=9B (Serbian Latin)
* Matej Urban=C4=8Di=C4=8D (Slovenian)
* Daniel Mustieles (Spanish)
* Anders Jonsson (Swedish)
* Emin Tufan =C3=87etin (Turkish)
* Tr=E1=BA=A7n Ng=E1=BB=8Dc Qu=C3=A2n (Vietnamese)


Germ=C3=A1n Poo-Caama=C3=B1o
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