[Dovecot-news] v2.3.4 released

Binary packages in https://repo.dovecot.org/

* The default postmaster_address is now “postmaster@”. If username contains the @domain part, that’s
used. If not, then the server’s hostname is used.
* “doveadm stats dump” now returns two decimals for the “avg” field.

+ Added push notification driver that uses a Lua script
+ Added new SQL, DNS and connection events.
See https://wiki2.dovecot.org/Events
+ Added “doveadm mailbox cache purge” command.
+ Added events API support for Lua scripts
+ doveadm force-resync -f parameter performs “index fsck” while opening
the index. This may be useful to fix some types of broken index files.
This may become the default behavior in a later version.
– director: Kicking a user crashes if login process is very slow
– pop3_no_flag_updates=no: Don’t expunge DELEted and RETRed messages
unless QUIT is sent.
– auth: Fix crypt() segfault with glibc-2.28+
– imap: Running UID FILTER script with errors assert-crashes
– dsync, pop3-migration: POP3 UIDLs weren’t added to
dovecot.index.cache while mails were saved.
– dict clients may have been using 100% CPU while waiting for dict
server to finish commands.
– doveadm user: Fixed user listing via HTTP API
– All levels of Cassandra log messages were logged as Dovecot errors.
– http/smtp client may have crashed after SSL handshake
– Lua auth converted strings that looked like numbers into numbers.

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