GSSDP 1.1.0 and GUPnP 1.1.0 released

GSSDP and GUPnP 1.1.0 open a new unstable series of the GUPnP base

It’s goal is to provide an implementation of UDA 1.1 and IPv6 support!

GSSDP 1.1.0(.1)

– Bump API and ABI versions
– Port to new GLib type macros
– Remove the custom marshallers
– Make error enum a type
– Drop deprecated properties and functions
– Clean up Sniffer UI
– Refactor get_host_ip into separate files
– Use several GLib helper functions like g_clear_object etc.
– Fix deprecations with GTK 3.22 in sniffer
– Port build system to Meson
– Drop meta-data file and custom vala for vapi
– Port sniffer to use UI from GResource
– Make sniffer UI more GNOME 3 hig-ish
– Some usability improvements for sniffer
– Add rescan for sniffer
– Introduce more debug logging while creating the GSSDP client
– Recreate the socket sources on errors
– Fix a memory leak in sniffer
– Add IPv6 support
– Have sniffer show the network interface

Known issues:
– IPv6 Support not implemented for Android and Win32

GSSDP is available for download at

GUPnP 1.1.0

– Bump API and ABI version
– GUPnPRootDevice implements GInitable
– Clean-up functions added for GObject-Introspection compatibility
– Remove all deprecated functions from GUPnP 1.0 API
– Switch build to Meson
– Port everything to new GLib type macros
– Add IPv6 support to Linux context manager
– Fix IPv6 LL support for context
– Add gupnp_context_manager_create_full for specifying the socket family

Bugs fixed in this release:

All contributors to this release:
– Jens Georg
– Sven Neumann
– Oliver Tappe
– Bastien Nocera

GUPnP is available for download at
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