Request for testers (Slack, VictorOps, PagerDuty, Azure, AWS, Kubernetes)

Dear users of Check_MK,

since the 1.5 release we prepared several new features for popular services.
To give you the opportunity to use these features in production before the
1.6 release we’re planning to ship some of them by the end of January in one
of the next 1.5 versions.

The new features include:

* A notification plugin for Slack
* A notification plugin for VictorOps
* A notification plugin for PagerDuty
* Checks for Microsoft Azure
* Checks for AWS
* Checks for Kubernetes

Before we ship them in a official version, we would like to have a few more users
who test these new features and give us feedback. Therefore we are in search of
users who use the above services and are willing to try the features and give
us feedback.

Are you interested in these features? Please send a mail to:
We’ll then send you detailed information about the next steps.

Further information about the new features you can find here:

Werk Slack:
Werk VictorOps:
Werk PagerDuty:
List of Azure checks:
List of AWS checks:
List of Kubernetes checks:

Best regards from Munich

Lars Michelsen
Leiter Softwareentwicklung

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