[Check_mk Announce] New Check_MK stable release 1.5.0p12

Dear friends of Check_MK,

the new stable release 1.5.0p12 of Check_MK is ready for download.

We are proud to announce the release of Check_MK version 1.5.0p12 also known as
1.5.0+, because it ships with several new features we wanted you to be able to
use as soon as possible.

With the new release, Check_MK provides a connector to Amazon Web Services
(AWS) and a large set of off-the-shelf plug-ins to monitor metrics of some of
the most popular AWS services. These includethe Simple Storage Service (S3),
Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2), Elastic Block Store (EBS), and Elastic Load
Balancing (ELB) and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). Furthermore,
users can also monitor the costs of their AWS services.

Check_MK 1.5+ also provides plug-ins for Microsoft Azure services via
a special agent to monitor Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Storage Accounts,
Azure SQL Databases, Azure Webservers and Azure Virtual Network Gateways.

The new release also enhances the monitoring of container environments beyond
the already existing Docker monitoring. With Check_MK 1.5+, users will be able
to monitor Kubernetes, one of the most prominent container orchestration tools,
and see detailed metrics on Kubernetes clusters, nodes and pods.

Another interesting part of this release are the new notification plug-ins that
Check_MK 1.5+ is introducing. We have added plug-ins for the incident
management systems VictorOps and PagerDuty and also for the collaboration and
communication platform Slack.

Have a look at the Check_MK handbook for further information:


Besides these features, this maintenance release ships with 40 changes affecing
all editions of Check_MK, 8 Enterprise Edition specific changes and 0 Managed
Services Edition specific changes.

Changes in all Check_MK Editions:

* 7079 FIX: check_http: Remove problematic “verbose” option from the GUI

User interface:
* 7071 FIX: Fixed missing form error highlighting for cascaded dropdown fields

Site management:
* 6515 Dropped libmcrypt / php-mcrypt dependency
* 7154 FIX: OpenSSL update on our build platform
* 7075 FIX: Fixed possible “omd backup” error when persisted sections change during backup
* 7082 FIX: Fixed “omd create” when fstab has 0 bytes
* 7027 FIX: Docker container: Added ssh client and ping command to container

* 6639 slack: New notification plugin for slack
* 6648 VictorOPS: Notification plugin for VictorOPS
* 6649 PagerDuty: Notification plugin
* 7057 FIX: Allow “coding” comment in notification scripts

HW/SW inventory:
* 7005 FIX: HW/SW inventory: Fixed API error ‘Too many values to unpack’

Event console:
* 6508 Set owner when event is changed by user

Core & setup:
* 6874 FIX: mkbench: fixed searched command in processes
* 7080 FIX: Management board: Continue when firmware information can not be fetched

Checks & agents:
* 7097 diskstat.include: Read/write latency are configurable now
* 7142 cisco_ip_sla: Now discovers C891F-K9 from Cisco 890 Integrated Services Router series
* 7056 Kubernetes monitoring
* 6657 Kubernetes checks for node Network and Filesystem usage
* 7096 Introduced monitoring of AWS services
* 6959 Azure Monitoring
* 7053 FIX: tcp_conn_stat: resolve latency problems introduced by ss
NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
* 7007 FIX: ps: Fixed discovery of processes if backslashes are used in regex pattern
* 6957 FIX: mk_job: Allow monitoring of jobs of users without login shell
* 7138 FIX: mk_docker_container_piggybacked: Fix execution of agent in contiainer
* 7137 FIX: mem.win: Titles of rule are more consistent
* 7131 FIX: mem.win: Fix incorrect representation of absolute memory levels in graphs
* 6811 FIX: liebert_chilled_water, liebert_humidity_air: Fixed crashing service discovery when not all data labels are present
* 7055 FIX: jolokia_generic: remove duplicate MBean in item
NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
* 7052 FIX: fileinfo.groups: fix display bug in service discovery
* 7003 FIX: f5_bigip_pool: Fixed crash if no SNMP info
* 7144 FIX: docker_node_network: Fix missing network containers and host interface name
* 7001 FIX: dell_om_fans: Fixed crash if only one device level (crit) is given
* 7009 FIX: cpu.threads: On Solaris the number of threads was calculated incorrectly
* 7139 FIX: cisco_ip_sla: Don’t crash upon vanished IP SLA
* 7051 FIX: agent_salesforce: fix a crash of the special agent
* 6705 FIX: agent_netapp: fixed typo in agent which caused the agent to fail on bigger netapp server responses
* 6868 FIX: Open Hardware Monitor update
* 7094 FIX: Hosts with SNMP management board discovered host only checks
* 6869 FIX: Fixed all crashes in Windows Agent caused by UTF-16 to UTF-8 conversion

Changes in the Check_MK Enterprise Edition:

User interface:
* 6703 Remove SLA painter from default services view

Reporting & availability:
* 7074 FIX: Reporting: Removed “first” column from graph legends

Checks & agents:
* 6958 FIX: Check_MK Check: Don’t crash upon keepalive timeout

Agent bakery:
* 6938 FIX: cmk-update-agent: Handle failing package manager
* 6935 FIX: Improvements in Solaris Agent packages
* 6939 FIX: Improve agent updater start script compatibility on Solaris
* 7030 FIX: Fixed baking of solaris packages with custom package names containing “_”
* 6940 FIX: Fix OnlyFrom entry in check_mk agent section

Changes in the Check_MK Managed Services Edition:


You can download Check_MK from our download page:
* http://mathias-kettner.de/check_mk_download.html

Please mail bug reports and qualified feedback to feedback@check-mk.org.
We greatly thank you for using Check_MK and wish you a successful monitoring,

Your Check_MK Team

Mathias Kettner GmbH
Kellerstraße 29, 81667 München, Germany
Registergericht: Amtsgericht München, HRB 165902
Geschäftsführer: Jan Justus, Mathias Kettner
Tel. +49 89 1890 435-0
Fax. +49 89 1890 435-29

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