Geary 0.13.0 released!

Hi all,

Geary 0.13.1 has been released. This is a bug fix release, notably
working around connection problems experienced by people running Ubuntu
18.04 and derivatives, but also numerous fixes for regressions from
0.12, some UI polish, and translation updates.

This latest version is now available for installation from Flathub. See
the Geary web site for installation details and other installation


Version 0.13.1
Released: 2019-02-21

Enhancements included in this release:
* Ubuntu 18.04 connection problems resolved
* Numerous bug fixes and minor user interface improvements
* Numerous user interface translation updates

See for the full

Thanks to all who contributed code fixes and enhancements to this
* Joel Duncan
* Kristian Klausen
* Thomas Moschny

Thanks also to all who contributed translations, for the user
* Balázs Úr (hu)
* Daniel Mustieles (es)
* Piotr Drąg (pl)
* Rafael Fontenelle (pt_BR)

⊨ Michael Gratton, Percept Wrangler.

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