GSSDP 1.1.3

A new unstable release of GSSDP!

GSSDP Is now in API freeze for this cycle.


– Fix a memory leak in sniffer
– Minor other improvements to sniffer
– Fix address fall-back to IP v4 for GSSDP client
– Bump minimum GLib version to 2.44
– Fix a crash due to a dangling pointer in GSSDP client
– Fix a memory leak in pktinfo handler
– Use g_type_ensure instead of custom solution
– Implement UDA 1.1 boot-id and config-id
– Implement UDA 1.1 ssdp:update messages
– Documentation updates
– Style fixes

Bugs fixed in this release:

All contributors to this release:
– Jens Georg

======== (60.1K)

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