ANNOUNCE: xfdashboard 0.9.1 released

xfdashboard 0.9.1 is now available for download from
What is xfdashboard? ====================
xfdashboard provides a GNOME shell dashboard like interface for use with Xfce desktop. It can be configured to run to any keyboard shortcut and when executed provides an overview of applications currently open enabling the user to switch between different applications. The search feature works like Xfce’s app finder which makes it convenient to search for and start applications.
Release notes for 0.9.1 ======================= xfdashboard-0.9.1 “Gradients! Whoohoooo!” was released on 2021-03-19.
This is a development release.
* New feature: Move XfdashboardApplication out of library libxfdashboard into application xfdashboard and turn libxfdashboard into a complete library * New feature: Implemented a new color class XfdashboardGradientColor which support solid colors (single colors) and path gradients. Path gradient will follow a path (the outline) and draw a gradient orthogonal with color stops along this path. * New feature: Outlines (through XfdashboardoutlineEffect) do now use the new XfdashboardGradientColor to support the usual solid colors as befeofre as well as a new path gradient. * Changed default theme to make use of new path gradients at outlines. * Removed all xfdashboard_*_get_default() function to access single instances of the subsystems/component, like plugins manager etc., as these single instances should now to access through XfdashboardCore and its xfdashboard_core_get_*(…) functions * Dropped support of Xfconf legacy (versions below 4.13.0) because of new XfdashboardSettings and XfdashboardPluginSettings object. Therefore also the dependency on dbus-glib was dropped which was need for Xfconf legacy. * Smaller bug-fixes * Clean-ups * More API documentation * Updated localizations: bg, de, es, eu, fr, he, it, ja, nb, pl, sr, zh_CN _______________________________________________ Xfce-announce mailing list