GNOME Photos 40.beta released

Access, organize and share your photos on GNOME. A simple and elegant replacement for using a file manager to deal with photos. Enhance, crop and edit in a snap. Seamless cloud integration is offered through GNOME Online Accounts.
Overview of changes in 40.beta ==============================
* Bugs fixed: !132 Use libhandy Hdy.ViewSwitcher instead of Gtk.StackSwitcher !135 Generate queries using SPARQL templates !136 query-builder: Use GDateTime instead of deprecated GTimeVal !140 flatpak: Update LibRaw to 0.20.0 !141 flatpak: Enable native language support in exiv2 !142 flatpak: Update exiv2 to 0.27.3 !146 Switch to private instances of the Tracker 2.x daemons !147 tracker-controller: Label unit of timing measurements !148 utils: Avoid a potential build failure due to undefined M_PI constant !149 Fix various CRITICALs from Tracker !150 build: Rename a variable for consistency !151 flatpak: Remove unsed tracker-miner build option !152 appdata: Add release notes for 3.38.0 !153 Add a manual !155 embed, main-toolbar, main-window: Use HdyWindow and HdyHeaderBar !158 build, embed: Style fixes !160 photos-empty-results-box: Use HdyStatusPage !162 domain-ontology-rule: Use private locations for the cache & the journal !164 search-type-manager: Rename variables !165 search-type, search-type-manager: Simplify code !166 item-manager: Port to TrackerNotifier !167 build: Don’t hard code the application ID in the Tracker domain config !168 build: Don’t generate code for org.freedesktop.Tracker1.Resources !169 application: Style fix !170 application: Add explicit cast !171 query-builder: Use TrackerResource !173 query-builder, sparql-template: Style fixes #77 Use g_autoptr* #152 Port to Tracker 3
* Updated translations: Basque Catalan Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) Czech Danish Dutch English (British) Finnish French Friulian Galician German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Kazakh Korean Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian bokmål Persian Polish Portuguese Portuguese (Brazilian) Punjabi Romanian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Turkish Ukrainian
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Happy hacking, Debarshi
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