ANNOUNCE: xfdashboard 0.9.2 released

xfdashboard 0.9.2 is now available for download from
What is xfdashboard? ====================
xfdashboard provides a GNOME shell dashboard like interface for use with Xfce desktop. It can be configured to run to any keyboard shortcut and when executed provides an overview of applications currently open enabling the user to switch between different applications. The search feature works like Xfce’s app finder which makes it convenient to search for and start applications.
Release notes for 0.9.2 ======================= xfdashboard-0.9.2 “Gradients! Whoohoooo!” was released on 2021-04-08.
This is a development release.
* New feature: Enhanced new color class XfdashboardGradientColor to support also linear gradients besided solid colors (single colors) and path gradients. Added support to specify colors for XfdashboardGradientColor in CSS. * Background fill color of XfdashboardBackground as well as outline color of XfdashboardOutlineEffect do support all types of new color class XfdashboardGradientColor, i.e solid colors, linear gradients and path gradients * Fix failing to create texture for outlines because either width or height is zero (#8) * Fix visual bug in default theme drawing wrong fill and outlines corners at workspace selector * Fix not to draw outlines with rounded corners if background type has not set rounded corners like fill background has already checked for years * Improved algorithm to detect application and determine its desktop file (*.desktop) for X11 windows by checking for the X atom called “_GTK_APPLICATION_ID” at X11 window properties and at Linux also lookup executable file from /proc filesystem in application database. For *BSD unixes I need help! * Disabled applications-search-provider statistics as it uses a file instead of settings object or similar * Smaller bug-fixes * Clean-ups * More API documentation * Updated localizations: es, eu, gl, lt, nb, pt_BR, sv, tr _______________________________________________ Xfce-announce mailing list