[Checkmk Announce] New Checkmk stable release 2.0.0p2

Dear friends of Checkmk,
the new stable release 2.0.0p2 of Checkmk is ready for download.
This maintenance release ships with 102 changes affecing all editions of Checkmk, 19 Enterprise Edition specific changes and 2 Managed Services Edition specific changes.

Changes in all Checkmk Editions:
BI: * 12455 FIX: BI Rest API: fixed example for bi_rule * 12454 FIX: BI configuration: Fixed exception when saving bi rule
Checks & agents: * 12317 Windows agent reinstalls Python module instantly * 12626 agent_kubernetes: additional option to filter for specific namespaces * 12645 docker node disk usage (enforced services): field “type” changed from Text to DropDownChoice * 12708 FIX: ‘local’ check: raised ValueError (No escaped character) or (No closing quotation) * 12424 FIX: check_mail: Fix error: argument --connect-timeout: invalid int value * 12417 FIX: logwatch_groups: Fix discovery * 12620 FIX: Add missing metric definitions for redis checks * 12498 FIX: Agent AWS: Secrets from password store not working * 11798 FIX: Agent execution as non-root user * 12649 FIX: Fix for Crash “Unhandled exception: TypeError(‘can only concatenate str (not “bytes”) to str’)” * 12726 FIX: FreeBSD Agent: Improve detection of executables needed to create monitoring data * 12503 FIX: MSSQL plugins: Stale services on clusters * 11801 FIX: Make oracle_tablespaces cluster compatible again * 12359 FIX: Missing interface information * 12480 FIX: NGINX special agent crash * 12502 FIX: Rare bug during parsing for clustered custom plugins * 12707 FIX: `md` check: crashes with IndexError (list index out of range) on invalid input * 12646 FIX: agent_azure: correct piggyback-section headers * 12499 FIX: agent_innovaphone: Do not crash upon less than 4 PRI channels * 12373 FIX: agent_prometheus: fixing piggyback host names * 12501 FIX: apc_inrow_system_events,liebert_system_events,printer_alerts: Services were not discovered * 12314 FIX: checks: Fix “MS Exchange Information Store” rule crash * 12092 FIX: cisco_mem_asa: raises IndexError() on bad SNMP data * 12089 FIX: cisco_ucs_*: ValueError (invalid literal for int() with base 10: ”) raised * 12681 FIX: f5_bigip_fans: could not detect speed when speed is equal to 0 * 12682 FIX: f5_bigip_mem: item disappears from monitoring data * 12635 FIX: fileinfo, filestats: improve description of upper levels * 12087 FIX: hr_mem: raises KeyError() on invalid SNMP data * 12692 FIX: k8s_replicas: proper check message when replicas data is not available * 11796 FIX: mk_logwatch: fix “cannotopen” message for a large number of files * 12088 FIX: mssql_counters: ValueError() raised on unknown timestamp format * 12091 FIX: mysql_capacity: ValueError() raised if ‘:’ in error message * 12630 FIX: ntp: Check_MK Discovery crash “invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘st'” * 12642 FIX: oracle_rman: fix crash “KeyError(ROSPROD.DB_INCR_0)” * 12093 FIX: proxmox_ve_backup_status: ZeroDivisionError() raised on some agent input * 12706 FIX: ps section parser: crash on KeyError() when host is using busybox’ ps implementation * 12095 FIX: storcli_pdisks: KeyError() raised in check-function if item vanished * 12647 FIX: ups_cps_battery: fix crash “ValueError (invalid literal for int() with base 10:’NULL’)” * 12693 FIX: ups_cps_inphase: fixing error in parse function when either voltage or frequency value was missing * 12090 FIX: zypper: crash with “IndexError (list index out of range)” * 12496 FIX: Agent vSphere: no longer collect output from Checkmk agent NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12500 FIX: Call parse function even for empty data NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12497 FIX: check_dns: Explicit option in WATO rule NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12641 FIX: dell_compellent_disks: introduce unique item description NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12362 FIX: netapp_api_snapvault: clustermode: duplicate item names lead to missing services NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12621 FIX: redis_info: Fix RRD creation NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
Core & setup: * 12375 API host_config: modifying the folder link of the served host * 12371 FIX API: adjusting content of user endpoints and allowing disabling option for notifications * 12666 downtime.py: modifying script to fix the url verification and optionally ignore ssl verification * 12667 FIX: API agent: fixing the download agent endpoint * 12668 FIX: API folder_config: fixing the show endpoint which did not work for the root folder * 12374 FIX: API time_period: fixing show endpoint which failed when time period with no exclude was called * 12669 FIX: downtime: fixing deprecated webapi based downtime script * 12309 FIX: nagios core: include legacy dependencies of new api plugins * 11942 FIX: webapi: fix TypeError when formatting tags * 12341 FIX: REST API: agent bakery urls NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
HW/SW inventory: * 12189 FIX: inv_if: Fix crash when admin_status missing
Notifications: * 12616 FIX: Fix missing “From” parameter in bulk notifications * 12612 FIX: Opsgenie: Fix notification plugin
Other components: * 11958 SEC: Update openssl to 1.1.1k
Setup: * 12456 FIX: API Hosttag configuration: Fixed exception on changing tag configuration * 11800 FIX: Avoid escaping in custom host attributes * 12457 FIX: Cleanup routine for hosts no longer needlessly loads the complete config * 12381 FIX: Fix ruleset transformation of ‘Hosts not using Inline-SNMP’ to ‘Hosts using a specific SNMP Backend’ * 11358 FIX: Hide “Update DNS Cache” according to current settings * 12559 FIX: LDAP: Fix potential crash “KeyError: force_authuser_webservice” * 12554 FIX: Ruleset editor: Fix analyzing host label matching in distributed setups * 12312 FIX: Show “Metric” in drop down instead of “802.dot11a”
Site management: * 12727 FIX: Diskspace cleanup: Fix RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration * 11359 FIX: omd now restores all hardlinks
User interface: * 12481 CSV/JSON export of views use custom title for rows headers * 12483 Event rates in graphs can be of very small magnitude * 11936 FIX: Add colored background to OK, Wa, Un, Cr columns * 12551 FIX: Add missing links to views hidden from menu * 12485 FIX: Apply limits in Alert Statistics views * 12420 FIX: Dashboards: Unify handling of dashboard-wide filters * 12742 FIX: Enable scrollbar in dashlets linking to existing views * 12611 FIX: Fix calculation of soft query limit in HW/SW inventory views * 12607 FIX: Fix deletion of failed notifications * 12608 FIX: Fix height of mobile login input fields * 12737 FIX: Fix internal error while sorting by ip address in views * 12625 FIX: Fix invalidation of session on logout * 12615 FIX: Fix modification of existing entries while cloning * 12533 FIX: Fix naming of entries in sorting section of views * 12622 FIX: Fix show mode in filter popup * 12550 FIX: Fix single event deletion via view API call * 12740 FIX: Fix unique naming of host and service labels * 12617 FIX: Fix url escaping while cloning views of users with special characters * 12534 FIX: Fixed sytling of permission matrix page * 12379 FIX: HW/SW Inventory: Fix joined inventory views * 11794 FIX: Improved support for IE11 * 12552 FIX: Notes URL is now always opened in new tab or window * 12421 FIX: Notification history: links for multiple contacts * 12422 FIX: Notifications of contact: handle multiple contacts correctly * 12741 FIX: Remove “Archive events of hosts” command from host views * 12738 FIX: Skip empty values on bulk host import via CSV file * 12555 FIX: Views: Fix crash when sorting hosts by IPv4 addresses * 12556 FIX: Views: Fix overriding hard coded filters using filter form * 12557 FIX: Views: Painters “Host’s children” and “Host’s parents” ignore configured links now * 12736 FIX: Honor date and timestamp format parameter in automation calls of views NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
Changes in the Checkmk Enterprise Edition:
Agent bakery: * 12553 FIX: Agent bakery: Fix host label conditions in distributed setups * 12155 FIX: cmk_update_agent: Fix proxy configuration NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
Checks & agents: * 12191 FIX: brocade_fcport: Fix crash when data missing * 12194 FIX: dell_compellent_folder: Fix discovery error when data missing * 12195 FIX: site_object_counts: Error when site object empty * 12196 FIX: snmp_info: Crash when \n in snmp_info data * 12197 FIX: sophos_disk: Invalid metric name
Core & setup: * 12320 FIX: Hosts will use Classic SNMP backend for SNMP-v1 datasource
Event console: * 12169 FIX: Fixed potential deadlock when archiving event console events
Metrics system: * 12486 FIX: Correctly display timerange of Forecast Graphs in graph collections
Notifications: * 12614 FIX: mknotifyd: Fix missing environment variables
Ntopng integration: * 12399 FIX: Opacity for TopTalkers area graphs
Other components: * 12606 FIX: CEE free edition: Fix limitation for number of hosts
Reporting & availability: * 12476 FIX: Corretly present filters for report elements of multiple subreports * 12479 FIX: Fix “Availability table” report element rendering * 12484 FIX: Fix Exception reports when displaying a custom graph
Setup: * 12558 FIX: Fix “Remote alert handlers (Linux)” rule processing
User interface: * 12619 FIX: Fix error on editing downtimes without specifying a new downtime start * 12609 FIX: Fix metric selection in graph designer
Changes in the Checkmk Managed Services Edition:
Checks & agents: * 12192 FIX: sap_hana_ess_migration: Fix error when data missing
Setup: * 12453 FIX: CME Activate Changes: No longer override user files on remote sites
You can download Checkmk from our download page: * checkmk.com/download.php
Please mail bug reports and qualified feedback to feedback@checkmk.com. We greatly thank you for using Checkmk and wish you a successful monitoring,
Your Checkmk Team