[Checkmk Announce] New Checkmk stable release 2.0.0p9

Dear friends of Checkmk,
the new stable release 2.0.0p9 of Checkmk is ready for download.
This maintenance release ships with 32 changes affecting all editions of Checkmk, 3 Enterprise Edition specific changes and 0 Managed Services Edition specific changes.

Changes in all Checkmk Editions:
BI: * 12661 FIX: BI aggregation datasource program: Fixed “By aggregation name” filter
Checks & agents: * 12326 SEC: Windows agent binary files are code signed * 12990 FIX: allnet_ip_sensoric_humidity: Discover On Devices With Newer Firmware * 13117 FIX: cisco_vpn_tunnel: Fix ValueError: could not convert string to float: '' * 12994 FIX: Add IPMI event “transition to OK” with OK state * 13026 FIX: agent plugin mk_db2.linux: fix timeout * 12086 FIX: alcatel_power_aos7: throws exception “KeyError()” on empty power_type_entry * 13031 FIX: arista_bgp: handle empty addresses * 13030 FIX: check_mk_agent terminates ntpd via timedatectl * 11814 FIX: smart check: Evaluate command timeouts as counter * 13028 FIX: solaris agent: ps: don’t cut user names after 8 chars * 11812 FIX: esx multipath: Skip devices without LUN ID
Core & setup: * 13074 API: modification of acknowledgement endpoint to allow management in distributed setup * 12955 FIX: host collection response in REST API NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12956 FIX: REST API exception handling * 13033 FIX: REST API: respect disabled WATO
HW/SW inventory: * 12989 FIX: mem_used: “KeyError: ‘SwapTotal'”
Notifications: * 13027 FIX: Bulk notification without WATO plugin crash * 12849 FIX: Fix service label notitification condition
Setup: * 13066 SEC: Fix path traversal vulnerability * 12846 FIX: Fix inheritance of folder contact groups to services of hosts NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12848 FIX: Fix remote host renaming timeouts in distributed setups * 12851 FIX: Folder/Host permissions: Users could add groups but not remove them afterwards * 12687 FIX: activation_cleanup: fix growing tmp directory due to inactive cleanup job
User interface: * 12845 FIX: Cleanup redundant custom sidebar snapin permission * 12993 FIX: Filter Multiple WATO folder can now be saved * 12663 FIX: Fixed steadily rising CPU load due to misconfigured dashboard dashlets * 12995 FIX: Graph don’t confuse metrics names that are like numbers for values * 12847 FIX: LDAP: Fix handling of groups containing “#” in Active Directory * 13097 FIX: Make host search more flexible on parent search * 12805 FIX: Overlapping label inputs (label conditions) * 12996 FIX: Performance graphs always use default color styles
Changes in the Checkmk Enterprise Edition:
Core & setup: * 12304 FIX: Fix case where passive checks would remain “passive” until a core restart
Livestatus: * 12988 FIX: Logging Level For Liveproxy Daemon
User interface: * 13136 FIX: SLA View: Displaced timelines
Changes in the Checkmk Managed Services Edition:

You can download Checkmk from our download page: * checkmk.com/download.php
Please mail bug reports and qualified feedback to feedback@checkmk.com. We greatly thank you for using Checkmk and wish you a successful monitoring,
Your Checkmk Team