Meld 3.21.1

Meld 3.21.1 has been released, and is now available at:
Features ——–
* The find bar now remembers the previous search across panes (Jack) * We show a warning to the user if they’re trying to compare a file or folder to itself (Jack) * Meld no longer uses custom file chooser dialogs, improving portability and flatpak behaviour (Mario Aichinger) * Two pane comparisons now allow Alt+Right/Left to work in either pane (Anatoli Babenia) * Certain header bar actions (e.g., conflict navigation, filters) are now only shown in their appropriate comparison types (Kai Willadsen) * The application title no longer includes the per-comparison label (Kai Willadsen) * Add a preference for GTK’s dark theme support (Kai Willadsen) * Retain clipboard contents after exiting Meld (Kai Willadsen)
Fixes —–
* Fix incorrect detection of FUSE directory comparisons as remote (mscdex) * Fix “Open Externally” on Windows for paths with spaces (adam0antium) * Fix syntax highlighting in version control by using the correct file extension (Alan Suran) * Move application icons into the resource bundle (Vasily Galkin) * Improved error reporting for invalid change actions (Anatoli Babenia) * Fix too-large minimum window size from status bar buttons (Kai Willadsen) * Fix Subversion comparsion on Python 3.9 (Kai Willadsen) * Fix bad translation source strings with multiple arguments (Kai Willadsen) * Fix performance regression in file comparison line splitting logic (Kai Willadsen) * Fix folder comparison sensitivity breaking when cancelling a scan (Kai Willadsen) * Fix occasional traceback when closing comparisons (Kai Willadsen) * Fix orphaned comparison helper process when quitting (Kai Willadsen) * Minor UI fixes: * Fix About dialog URL (TotalCaesar659) * Update About dialog copyright (Kai Willadsen) * The new comparison page now better distinguishes the “Compare” and “Blank Comparison” actions (Kai Willadsen) * The comparison overview map is now more responsive when dragging (Kai Willadsen) * The find bar now waits briefly before searching to improve responsiveness (Kai Willadsen) * The find bar no longer hides when it loses focus (Kai Willadsen) * Allow preferences dialog to be resized (Kai Willadsen) * Main menu can now be activated with F10 * Find next/previous can now be activated with F3/Shift+F3 (Kai Willadsen) * Windows fixes: * Add a MeldConsole.exe executable for running Meld from the console (Kai Willadsen) * Update Windows build to force all-users installation (Kai Willadsen) * Improve default monospace font on Windows (Kai Willadsen) * Fix empty line height and fallback fonts by changing the Pango font backend to fontconfig on Windows (Kai Willadsen) * Add Meld’s install directory to the Windows PATH (Kai Willadsen) * Add a basic GTK settings.ini for Windows builds (Kai Willadsen) * Add the Meld icon to the Windows add/remove programs UI (Kai Willadsen) * Fix file comparison holding a directory handle after close (Kai Willadsen) * Issues fixed: 25, 91, 143, 354, 433, 445, 453, 459, 477, 482, 488, 491, 499, 502, 526, 530, 539, 541, 557, 561, 564, 565, 571, 579, 590, 603 Internal changes: * Modernise and improve the new Meson build rules (Iñigo Martínez) * CI + build improvements (Jason Edson, Jordan Petridis, Vasily Galkin, Kai Willadsen) * Nightly Meld builds now use the standard nightly icon styling (Kai Willadsen) * Clarify licensing in appdata (Kai Willadsen) * Windows build fixes (Kai Willadsen) * Add documentation on hosting infrastructure (Kai Willadsen)
Translations ————
* Anders Jonsson (sv) * Andika Triwidada (id) * Asier Sarasua Garmendia (eu) * Ask Hjorth Larsen (da) * Balázs Úr (hu) * Christian Kirbach (de) * Clay Stan (zh_CN) * Daniel Mustieles (es) * Daniel Șerbănescu (ro) * Dz Chen (zh_CN) * Emin Tufan Çetin (tr) * Enrico Nicoletto (pt_BR) * Hugo Carvalho (pt) * Jiri Grönroos (fi) * Jordi Mas (ca) * Julien Hardelin (fr) * Luna Jernberg (sv) * Marek Černocký (cs) * Matej Urbančič (sl) * Muhammet Kara (tr) * Philipp Kiemle (de) * Piotr Drąg (pl) * Rafael Fontenelle (pt_BR) * Rodrigo Lledó (es) * Yi-Jyun Pan (zh_TW) * Yuri Chornoivan (uk) * Мирослав Николић (sr)
What is Meld? ————-
Meld is a visual diff and merge tool. It lets you compare two or three files, and updates the comparisons while you edit them in-place. You can also compare folders, launching comparisons of individual files as desired. Last but by no means least, Meld lets you work with your current changes in a wide variety of version control systems, including Git, Bazaar, Mercurial, CVS and Subversion.
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