[Checkmk Announce] New Checkmk beta release 2.1.0b1

Dear friends of Checkmk,
the new beta release 2.1.0b1 of Checkmk is ready for download. FYI: Due to an internal issue, we accidentally announced the release of 2.1.0b2. Of course, we meant 2.1.0b1. Sorry for that!
Please send general feedback and bug reports to this dedicated mail address:
feedback-2.1-beta [at] checkmk.com
All mails to this address will be used to improve the 2.1 and are completely free of charge.
Changes in all Checkmk Editions:
BI: * 12475 BI availabilty: Improved computation performance * 12660 Improved data processing speed for BI availability computations * 12664 FIX: BI “Aggregation group” now shows simple aggregation groups again * 11451 FIX: BI 1.6->2.0 Conversion: Fixed invalid conversion of aggregation function “Count Nodes” * 12455 FIX: BI Rest API: fixed example for bi_rule * 12661 FIX: BI aggregation datasource program: Fixed “By aggregation name” filter * 12468 FIX: BI aggregations no longer show duplicate subtrees and nodes * 11450 FIX: BI compiliation: fixed incorrect host regex pattern matching * 12463 FIX: BI computation: Aggregations are no longer repeatedly computed if a remote site has no hosts * 12454 FIX: BI configuration: Fixed exception when saving bi rule * 11449 FIX: BI configuration: Fixed permanent exception when deselecting the “Display additional messages” checkbox * 12467 FIX: BI configuration: The macro $1$ incorrectly referred to the hostname instead of the first regex match group * 13282 FIX: BI datasource program: Fixed non-working aggregation filters with older configurations * 12473 FIX: BI view filtering: fixed broken host and service filters * 11444 FIX: BI visualization: No longer discard user interactions when data is updated * 13233 FIX: BI: Fix missing comment fields, add show more mode * 12470 FIX: BI: Fixed needless recompilation of BI aggregates * 12464 FIX: BI: Loading cached aggregations no longer sporadically fails * 12469 FIX: BI: fixed race condition leading to empty aggregation pages * 13662 FIX: Fix saving of comment if BI pack is edited * 12474 FIX: Fixed Availability/SLA computation for BI * 12662 FIX: Fixed BI tree layouts “Table: bottom up” and “Table: top down” * 12656 FIX: Fixed incorrect sorted nodes within BI aggregations
Checks & agents: * 13139 Add Alertmanager special agent and check plugins * 12180 Display services of unimplemented check plugins * 12317 Windows agent reinstalls Python module instantly * 12149 Support for Python 2 based UNIX agent plugins NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13207 Windows interface plugins must be updated NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12231 ceph_df: Support Ceph 15.2.8-1focal * 12423 cisco_asa_failover: Also monitor local, remote and failover link status * 12728 cisco_asa_failover: Improve monitoring of Cisco ASA Failover * 13520 cisco_ucs checks: Add support for UCS C480 M5 Servers * 13123 cisco_wlc, cisco_wlc_clients: add support for Cisco Aironet 2800 * 12932 df: Show volume name in service output * 11836 fortiauthenticator_auth_fail: Monitoring of authentication failures on Fortinet FortiAuthenticator devices * 13209 fortigate_ap_connection: Monitor connection of FortiGate WiFi Access Points * 13491 gude_humidity: Add support for Gude Expert Box 7214 devices * 12885 if64: Option to Check Combination of Operational and Admin States * 12240 mk_cups_queues: Accept printer names with hyphens (“-“) * 12416 mongodb_instance: Go CRIT is instance is down * 12236 oracle_instance: More detailed version information * 12933 sap_hana_backup: WARN state if there is no backup * 12936 sap_hana_status: Add description to service output * 13125 zertificon_mail_queues: Monitor mail queue lengths of Zertificon mail encryption appliances * 12821 AWS Lambda added checks for monitoring AWS Lambda memory * 12822 AWS Lambda performance: added metrics for cold starts and init duration * 12819 AWS Lambda: added check for monitoring AWS Lambda concurrency * 12818 AWS Lambda: added check for monitoring AWS Lambda performance * 11899 Add DAT date detection to McAfee ENS DAT dates * 13337 Add Monitoring for Ciena Switch 5171 and 5142 * 13046 Add SNMP support for Extreme SLX9640 * 13142 Add check plugins for Aruba 2930M switches * 12791 Add support for Cisco WLC 9800 * 13458 Add support for GlobalProtect Gateway Utilization * 13044 Add support for Stormshield appliance >= 3.7.18 * 11772 Bring back Agent/SNMP info in `cmk –list-checks` * 11706 CEPH support for Nautilus and Octopus * 12923 Calculated latency levels checked in disk checks * 11843 Check rds_licenses support Windows Server 2019 * 13228 Checkmk agent with systemd creates dedicated system user * 12731 Cisco FXOS (Firepower): Monitoring of fan and power supply sensors * 13654 Cisco IE: addition of new check plugin for temperature monitoring * 12050 Consolidation of interface check plugins * 13224 DEV: make legacy includes packageable * 13490 Eaton Power Xpert: Discover UPS services * 11820 Extend HP Proliant checks to HP Synergy * 13206 FRITZ!Box special agent: Display operating system * 13350 IPMI sensors via IPMItool: Add option to specify interface * 12299 Improve SNMP caching * 11878 Improved SNMP performance * 13203 Interface checks: Levels for unicast packages * 13602 Maximal size of a plugin for Windows agent is 64 MB * 13003 Migrate hitachi_hnas_volume.py to the new plugins API * 13474 Monitor and inventorize Checkmk agent plugins and local checks * 12418 Monitoring of Delta InsightPower UPS * 12025 Monitoring of Disk and Memory Usage for Fortinet FortiSandbox Servers * 12024 Monitoring of Fortinet FortiGate AntiVirus and IPS * 12233 Monitoring of Fortinet FortiMail Servers * 12881 New special agent to monitor Datadog * 13032 Optional authentication with mk_mongodb.py * 13116 PostgreSQL Agent Plugin: Run On Additional Systems (Windows) * 11703 PostgreSQL database and sessions (Linux, Windows): default postgres installation will be detected automatically * 12079 Proxmox VE: don’t generate/process disk-usage info for PVE nodes * 12926 SAP HANA: New agent config where you can specify connection per database * 12924 SAP HANA: Services go to STALE if connection to database failed * 11785 Show device mapping for Lancom routers * 11842 Stabilize the Windows agent updater * 12678 UNIX agent: Better error communication for failed python plugins * 12781 Update monitoring-plugins from 2.3 to 2.3.1 * 11974 Validate item spec regexes during config update * 11975 Validate regexes in BI rules during config update * 13363 Veeam: Add CDP job monitoring * 13566 Warn the user if deprecated asm plugin is in use * 11850 Windows agent ignores cmk-update-agent.exe in plugins directory * 11847 Windows agent may get winperf data without spawning new process * 12021 Windows agent plugin for MySQL (mk_mysql): support MariaDB * 11846 Windows agent supports logging for winperf * 11841 Windows agent’s Python module supports now Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 * 13599 Windows event log: Add filtering of sequential duplicate messages * 12307 add cgroup v2 support for docker and lxc * 12310 add cgroup v2 support for mk_docker.py * 13161 added AWS/Route53 check * 13169 added more AWS EC2 instance types * 13167 agent_aws: added optional parameter “–vcrtrace” * 13448 agent_cisco_prime: Cisco prime WLAN controller checks * 12655 agent_innovaphone: add support for password store * 12158 agent_innovaphone: added optional parameter “–vcrtrace” * 12626 agent_kubernetes: additional option to filter for specific namespaces * 11955 agent_kubernetes: improved agent set-up rules * 12208 agent_prometheus: addition of feature to only monitor specific namespaces * 12716 agent_proxmox_ve: Support new backup log format * 13454 agent_smb_share: Special agent for Windows SMB share * 11979 apache_status: HTTPS support for Python 2.6, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 * 12507 apache_status: add cluster functionality * 13453 apc_symmetra_elphase: Remove default current threshold * 13456 apt: Discover updates with ESM support * 13451 brocade_sfp: Add voltage level parameters * 11978 ceph_df: support for octopus (15.2.6) and nautilus (14.2.15) with JSON output * 13170 check_dns: added option to use default DNS server * 12784 check_http: maximum length of regex is enforced * 13222 check_icmp: add details * 12905 check_mk_agent.{solaris,freebsd}: consider spool files * 11701 check_ntp: change order of fields in summary * 13147 cisco_wlc, cisco_wlc_clients: add support for Aironet 1815 devices * 12759 cmciii: add support for leakage sensors * 12761 cmciii: the sensor description can now be used as an item * 12763 cmciii_status: add support for more sensors * 11834 cmk_site_statistics: new check plugin to monitor site statistics * 12644 dell_compellent_storage_disk: simplified parsing of serial number * 13061 df: Add level for decreasing disk usage * 12383 df: The UUID can be used as part of the service item * 13400 discover additional ‘average’ service for cisco_cpu_multiitem * 12645 docker node disk usage (enforced services): field “type” changed from Text to DropDownChoice * 12627 entity_sensors: discover non-operational sensors * 12628 entity_sensors: monitoring of Cisco ASA sensors (temperature, fans, power supply) * 12629 entity_sensors: power supply monitoring on Palo Alto Networks Series 200/3000 * 12633 entity_sensors_temp: use device units for temperature * 12003 ibm_mq: Imrove inventory views * 12004 ibm_mq_managers: Display the Replicated Data Queue Manager (RDQM) * 12006 ibm_mq_queues: Display Qtime and improve metrics * 13052 iis_app_pool_state: New check to monitor IIS Application Pool States * 12508 livestatus_status: add cluster functionality * 12185 local checks: automatically show metrics in output * 12566 memory: levels added to graphs * 13401 mk_mongodb.py adapt logging * 13039 mk_mongodb.py: skip views * 11520 mk_oracle: It’s now possible to specify the number of parallel tasks by setting MAX_TASKS in config * 11385 mk_oracle_crs: Added support for Solaris * 13317 mqtt_clients mqtt_messages mqtt_uptime mqtt_broker: New checks to gather MQTT broker information * 12904 mrpe: Always display age of cached results * 13468 mrpe: Do not crash upon invalid metrics * 12813 msexch_database.ps1: extended support for locales * 12688 mssql datafiles/transactionlogs: max size reflects available filesystem size * 11387 mssql.vbs: Improved performance of backup fetching * 12685 mssql_counters_page_life_expectancy: New check to monitor MSSQL Page Life Expectancy * 12686 mssql_mirroring: new check to monitor MSSQL mirroring status * 12506 mssql_transactionlogs, mssql_datafiles: add cluster functionality * 12360 natapp_volumes: Allow levels of over 100% used for snapshot reserve * 11386 oracle_dataguard_stats: Added option to specify the state if MRP is started * 11786 proxmox_ve_disk_usage: use same metrics and summary as df checks * 13064 proxmox_ve_vm_snapshot_age: new check to monitor the age of proxmox snapshots * 12898 ps: compute percentual memory usage for clustered services * 12176 statgrab_disk becomes diskstat * 12691 systemd_units: addition of factory default levels for reloading and activating in summary check * 12207 timesyncd: increasing time thresholds for last synchronisation * 11718 ups_battery_state: New check for UPS Eaton battery state * 11956 watchdog_sensors: support Vertiv Geist Watchdog 15 firmware update * 12935 sap_hana_ess:Check is removed after SAP HANA version 1.0 SPS 09 NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12908 Add predefined cluster modes for all services NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13479 Commandlets of active checks and special agents may be passed None as IP address NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12120 Docker: agent version 1.5.0 no longer supported NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13229 Drop support for creation of ServiceLabels in legacy plugins NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12181 FreeBSD interfaces: prefer SNMP check NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 11805 Monitor WuT Web-IO digital Inputs * 11790 Remove state text in the “Status detail” NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12927 SAP HANA: Separate instance dependent fileinfo checks, ie. new checks sap_hana_fileinfo and sap_hana_fileinfo_groups NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12653 agent_innovaphone: added support for TLS NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13561 agent_kubernetes: deprecate special agent and associated checks NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12928 fileinfo_groups, sap_hana_fileinfo_groups: migration to the new check API NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 11696 filestats: added “Display name” parameter to additional rules functionality NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12009 ibm_mq: Extend functionality and fix crash in WATO rule NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 11738 mk_filestats: added file grouping functionality NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12394 mssql_versions: Remove deprecated inventory plugin which is replaced by the new inventory plugin mssql_instance NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13455 netapp_api_qtree_quota: Volume added to service name NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 11879 ntp: Parametrize discovery via WATO NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12906 unix agents: changed signature of ‘run_cached’ NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12326 SEC: Windows agent binary files are code signed * 11837 SEC: Windows agent firewall rule applies to all three Windows network profiles * 11844 SEC: Windows agent internal communication channel is secure now * 12677 SEC: Linux Agent: Improved encyption * 13215 SEC: real-time checks: improved encryption * 12882 FIX: Host tags: Take tag groups into account when matching against rule conditions * 11874 FIX: Linux agent: Fix execution of cached plugins (2.0.0b4 regression) * 12425 FIX: Service discovery: Handle vanished services correctly * 12325 FIX: Stabilize Windows Agent RunAs(User/Group) plugin feature * 11855 FIX: The updating of the Windows agent no longer causes the disappearing of directories in the ProgramData * 12324 FIX: Windows WMI timeout is increased to improve stability of WMI queries * 11469 FIX: Windows agent removes legacy agent on install if this is requested by WATO * 11853 FIX: Windows agent uses separate script to protect own files from unathorized access * 11787 FIX: Kubernetes: add support for newer versions NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 11894 FIX: “Disabled and enabled sections (SNMP)” not effective * 12094 FIX: ‘local’ check: raised ValueError (No escaped character) or (No closing quotation) * 12990 FIX: allnet_ip_sensoric_humidity: Discover On Devices With Newer Firmware * 13450 FIX: apt: Fix APT Ubuntu security updates classification * 12986 FIX: apt: Handle Security Updates Line * 11735 FIX: arc_raid_status: Do not go CRIT when checking raid consistency * 13708 FIX: bluecoat_sensors: Fix “TypeError (‘NoneType’ object is not iterable)” * 13709 FIX: bluecoat_sensors_temp: Handle state reported by sensor correctly * 13519 FIX: check_icmp: Fix “Failed to resolve $: Name or service not known” * 12424 FIX: check_mail: Fix error: argument --connect-timeout: invalid int value * 13347 FIX: check_sftp: Fix command line argument for private key * 13354 FIX: check_sftp: Fix password store usage * 13117 FIX: cisco_vpn_tunnel: Fix ValueError: could not convert string to float: '' * 12238 FIX: cmk_site_statistics: Fix exception “StopIteration()” triggered by timeouts * 13487 FIX: datapower_fan: Fix KeyError (...) * 13204 FIX: emc_isilon_iops: Fix for 0 operations/s * 13706 FIX: esx_vsphere_counters_diskio: Fix summarized read and write latency * 13517 FIX: gude_pdu: Fix errors during discovery and checking * 13707 FIX: juniper_cpu_util: Fix “Item not found in monitoring data” for 0% utilization * 13486 FIX: juniper_fru: Fix documentation for op. status “present” * 13346 FIX: logwatch_ec: Fix crash with KeyError in cluster mode * 12729 FIX: logwatch_ec: Fix forwarding to remote host * 12417 FIX: logwatch_groups: Fix discovery * 12733 FIX: logwatch_groups: Re-add “Open Log” to action menu * 13521 FIX: mcafee_av_client: Fix ValueError (time data u'search:' ...) * 13489 FIX: mem_win: Fix missing levels in service graphs * 12931 FIX: mk_docker: Fix crash in mk_docker agent for Python2 * 12934 FIX: mk_sap_hana:SSL option added to SAP HANA agent * 12730 FIX: mk_zypper: Increase timeout from 10 to 50 s * 13494 FIX: mongodb_counters: Fix “ValueError: too many values to unpack (expected 3)” * 13516 FIX: mongodb_replica: Show both active and passive secondaries * 13205 FIX: mtr: Fix performance graphs * 13524 FIX: ntp_peer: Fix “TypeError (tuple indices must be integers or slices, not str)” * 13710 FIX: oracle_instance: Handle unresponsive databases and login failures correctly * 12981 FIX: oracle_jobs: Fix ValueError for setups with CDB and nonCDB on same host * 12982 FIX: oracle_recovery_status: Stop ignoring offline datafiles (12.1+) * 13210 FIX: oracle_rman: Fix ValueError("cannot render negative timespan") * 12877 FIX: printer_supply: handle trailing null bytes in prtMarkerColorantValue * 13208 FIX: qmail_stats: Check for /var/qmail/bin/qmail-qstat * 12878 FIX: systemd_units: Handle “‚óŹ” as marker for broken units correctly * 11830 FIX: timesyncd: increase default thresholds for last synchronisation * 13202 FIX: wmi_cpuload: Handle Windows time counter resets * 11954 FIX: AWS limits: missing titles display as “???” in service monitoring rules * 11057 FIX: AWS: restriction by tag caused exception * 12994 FIX: Add IPMI event “transition to OK” with OK state * 12620 FIX: Add missing metric definitions for redis checks * 13611 FIX: Add service detection for Cisco WLC C9800 * 11910 FIX: Add warn/crit metrics for percentage usage of filesystems * 12888 FIX: Adjusting discards to accept Float instead Integer levels * 12498 FIX: Agent AWS: Secrets from password store not working * 12005 FIX: Agent Azure: Deal with over 1000 resources * 11798 FIX: Agent execution as non-root user * 13223 FIX: Agent vSphere: Fix time offset error for ‘systemtime’ service * 12940 FIX: Agent version ignored if “unknown” * 13405 FIX: Allow to disable thread levels * 12734 FIX: Apache ActiveMQ queues special agent: Parse protocol argument * 11769 FIX: Automation calls crashing upon non-automigrateable plugins * 11973 FIX: Be more precise if include files are missing * 12023 FIX: Check Email Delivery: Also match ‘RE: …’ instead of ‘Re: …’ * 12876 FIX: Checking of output phases of UPSs and PDUs: Various fixes * 12899 FIX: Checkmk Service: Do not crash upon exceptions in plugins * 13692 FIX: Checkmk agent: do not support systemd versions prior to 220 * 12909 FIX: Checkmk agents Linux, AIX, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenWRT * 11720 FIX: Cleanup graphs and check output for network interface checks * 11433 FIX: Cluster discovery: Fixed bug with overlapping clusters * 12353 FIX: Crash during discovery of fans of Alcatel devices * 11877 FIX: Crash in SNMP data source for hosts with cached SNMP walks * 11928 FIX: Crash: When service goes Crit or Warn but the respective level is not defined (None) * 11776 FIX: Crashing inventory plugins on nagios core * 12182 FIX: Create MKP: No longer list all plugins as unpackaged * 11733 FIX: Default value in “Parameters for this service” * 12330 FIX: Disable Windows agent mail API tracing * 12331 FIX: Disable quick Python reinstall for Windows agent * 13216 FIX: Discovery: Errors or service UNKNOWN for timespecific parameters * 12515 FIX: Do not discard mk_mysql output in case of missing permissions * 11799 FIX: Do not discover disabled MSSQL instances * 13473 FIX: Do not drop services of incompatibly changed plugins * 12179 FIX: Duplicate service description ‘CPU Load’ on FreeBSD * 12316 FIX: Eliminated rare crash when Windows agent is used to call updater without parameters * 13043 FIX: F5-Cluster: Interpretation of failover cluster states * 13156 FIX: FIX agent_prometheus: allowing custom url to include directory paths * 12000 FIX: FJDARY checks: Most plugins crashed * 13211 FIX: Fix ‘only from’ monitoring in Check_MK services for systemd hosts * 12732 FIX: Fix agent_netapp: error: unrecognized arguments: ... * 12883 FIX: Fix ALLNET IP Sensoric special agent (check plugins allnet_ip_sensoric_...) * 12894 FIX: Fix CRE update-config for intallations with CEE-MKPs installed * 12296 FIX: Fix IPv6 handling in dual stack * 11904 FIX: Fix TypeError in docker_container_diskstat check * 13457 FIX: Fix bug in discovery after update to Veeam v11 * 12302 FIX: Fix cache miss in SNMP discovery * 12303 FIX: Fix cache miss on discovery * 12301 FIX: Fix cache usage for clusters * 12335 FIX: Fix calculation of issued rds_licenses * 13617 FIX: Fix crash during parsing of enviromux section * 11903 FIX: Fix crash in hearbeat CRM general * 12938 FIX: Fix crash in kaspersky_av_client.vbs when using a non-German locale * 13021 FIX: Fix crash in omd_status clustered check * 13460 FIX: Fix crash in oracle_recovery_status * 12922 FIX: Fix crash in parsing netapp agent output * 12939 FIX: Fix crash in virtual host tree if there are no tags * 12116 FIX: Fix default formatting for predictive levels * 12649 FIX: Fix for Crash “Unhandled exception: TypeError(‘can only concatenate str (not “bytes”) to str’)” * 12010 FIX: Fix for config update: Regex validation will ignore items that are not dictionaries * 13459 FIX: Fix inline help in ps monitoring rule * 11824 FIX: Fix section sql_performance of mk_oracle.ps1 * 13505 FIX: Fix simulation mode * 11389 FIX: Fixed error in inventory if block device is virtual * 12937 FIX: Fixed safenet_hsm and safenet_ntls checks not working on newer Thales HSMs * 12726 FIX: FreeBSD Agent: Improve detection of executables needed to create monitoring data * 13002 FIX: Hitachi drive exception during discovery * 12178 FIX: IPMI Management Interface * 13351 FIX: IPMI Sensors via Freeipmi: Bugfixes in configuration flags * 11774 FIX: Ignore time synchronization on containers * 11896 FIX: Improve detailed service view * 13124 FIX: Improve usability of single systemd services discovery ruleset * 13738 FIX: Incorrect fcswitch host labels for Cisco IOS switches * 13466 FIX: Increase cache validity for NTP service * 13227 FIX: Ineffective default parameters for various plugins * 13119 FIX: Interface checks: Do not use discovered state and speed in cluster mode * 12355 FIX: Invalid configuration variable ‘logwatch_groups’ * 12787 FIX: Kubernetes: Custom URL: ignore default port * 12788 FIX: Kubernetes: agent: handle pending pods * 11719 FIX: Levels for packet rates for network interface checks * 12671 FIX: Linux Agent/real-time checks: Set $REMOTE variable when invoking via systemd * 11875 FIX: Linux agent: Fix random broken pipe error in agent output * 13353 FIX: Linux agent: Fix two localisation issues * 13121 FIX: Linux agent: Produce ntp section on additional systems (eg. Slackware) * 12028 FIX: Linux, Solaris, AIX: Asynchronous Execution of Python Agent Plugins * 12680 FIX: Linux-Agent: Place systemd units at /usr/lib * 12985 FIX: Local Checks: Make Min/Max Values Truly Optional * 12999 FIX: Logwatch agent plugin correctly works with unicode characters * 11716 FIX: Logwatch: Clear log for individual files * 11715 FIX: Logwatch: Crash when using “\” in regular expression (e.g. windows paths) * 11932 FIX: Logwatch: Logfile patterns not working as intended * 12019 FIX: MS Office plugin: use WATO-generated config * 12503 FIX: MSSQL plugins: Stale services on clusters * 13120 FIX: MTR agent plugin: Make usable with Python 3 * 11813 FIX: Make async sections of mk_oracle.ps1 working * 11801 FIX: Make oracle_tablespaces cluster compatible again * 12891 FIX: Memory: Duplicate service for some dual hosts (ucd_mem, statgrab_mem) * 11977 FIX: Microsoft Azure: subscription ID is optional * 12359 FIX: Missing interface information * 11702 FIX: Monitor Postgres DBs with multiple instances on Windows and Linux * 12480 FIX: NGINX special agent crash * 12237 FIX: Network interface and switch port discovery parameters * 12757 FIX: New Zerto special agent was not functional * 12477 FIX: Nimble volumes display graphs in correct scale * 12184 FIX: OIDCached not refreshing * 13221 FIX: OMD apache status metrics have different titles now * 13355 FIX: OpenWRT agent: Make df section work with BusyBox * 11714 FIX: Openlog: logfile was not displayed * 12984 FIX: Oracle RMAN Backup Monitoring in Dataguard Environments with Archivelog on Standby Side * 13349 FIX: Oracle agent plugin: Fix handling of unresponsive databases and login failures * 12183 FIX: Outdated data during full scan discovery * 12083 FIX: OverflowError on bad varnishstats uptime value * 12489 FIX: Perfdata delivers whitespace * 11998 FIX: Permission error for unreadable certificates * 12235 FIX: Permissions issues for DB2 Linux agent plugin * 11935 FIX: Printer IO: No longer skip “Unavailable and on request” state in discovery * 12177 FIX: Process management board data in HW/SW inventory * 12078 FIX: Proxmox VE: Don’t piggyback a node if it’s the contacted host. * 13576 FIX: Quoting of mk_redis commandline arguments * 13567 FIX: Raise in debug only if no cfg was found (mk_logwatch) * 12502 FIX: Rare bug during parsing for clustered custom plugins * 13000 FIX: Relax UPS check-plugin new device scan function * 11779 FIX: Rename Proxmox Checks and Agent to Proxmox VE in order to prevent naming conflicts * 12027 FIX: Rittal CMC-III checks: ValueError("invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''",) * 12735 FIX: SMART agent plugin: Exclude devices which can read CDs * 13226 FIX: SNMP caching bug leading to UNKNOWN services * 13446 FIX: SPOOLDIR added for freebsd agent * 12077 FIX: Service state flapping due to incorrectly ordered backup log list * 11775 FIX: Services disappearing during discovery * 12305 FIX: Silence unnecessary log entries on SNMP errors * 11885 FIX: Stale services of management boards in CRE * 12493 FIX: StoreOnce fix on expired tokens * 11934 FIX: Stored Walks: Remove Deadlock when retrieving corrupt Walks * 13482 FIX: Systemd unit ‘check_mk_agent-async’ waits for network.target * 12007 FIX: TypeError during cmk-update-config or config reload * 12825 FIX: UCS Bladecenter: Fixed UNKNOWN for new versions of the rack class id “faultinst” * 11795 FIX: Unknown services in the discovery page * 12085 FIX: Use Python2 pendant of mailman_lists agent plugin * 13480 FIX: Veeam backup status: Ignore warning * 13336 FIX: Windows Services works if Services states has no elements * 12334 FIX: Windows agent displays help text correctly * 11848 FIX: Windows agent doesn’t copy during migration old Windows agent updater * 13598 FIX: Windows agent flag sendall is correctly defined now * 11852 FIX: Windows agent ignores cmk-update-agent.exe always * 11856 FIX: Windows agent installation now supresses reboot of a host even if reboot is requested * 13603 FIX: Windows agent ps section uses tab to separate arguments * 11840 FIX: Windows agent removes own Windows Firewall rule after uninstall * 11854 FIX: Windows agent service terminates all processes started from programdata/checkmk directory * 13597 FIX: Windows agent supports Unicode symbols in logwatch section * 13218 FIX: Wrongfully applied parameters for clusters * 13219 FIX: Wrongfully applied rules for logwatch reclassify patterns * 12707 FIX: `md` check: crashes with IndexError (list index out of range) on invalid input * 11890 FIX: acp_ats_output: Fix discovery of services * 12308 FIX: adapt calculation of memory usage to match docker 20.10 * 13026 FIX: agent plugin mk_db2.linux: fix timeout * 12814 FIX: agent_aws(aws_ebs_limits): do not request public snapshots from marketplace * 13366 FIX: agent_aws: Add option to use password store in proxy settings * 12806 FIX: agent_aws: crashes with KeyError:’AvailabilityZone’ * 12377 FIX: agent_azure, agent_hp_msa, agent_zerto: Fix execution if option ‘-v’ or ‘–verbose’ is not given * 13568 FIX: agent_azure: Enable passing secret via commandline (for debugging) * 13181 FIX: agent_cisco_prime: invalid agent arguments * 12895 FIX: agent_graylog: Retrieve all sidecars instead of only the first 50 * 12499 FIX: agent_innovaphone: Do not crash upon less than 4 PRI channels * 11452 FIX: agent_innovaphone: fixed non-working agent caused by invalid argument parsing * 13670 FIX: agent_jenkins: Better error handling * 13184 FIX: agent_netapp: Fix unhandled error “TypeError” causing the agent to break * 13023 FIX: agent_prism: add support for multiline messages * 13075 FIX: agent_prometheus: Remove web port option from custom url option * 12887 FIX: agent_prometheus: fixing cadvisor memory check when no valid memory limit was provided * 12373 FIX: agent_prometheus: fixing piggyback host names * 12709 FIX: agent_proxmox_ve: Crash with KeyError(‘started_time’) when corresponding backup job failed * 11949 FIX: agent_siemens_plc: improved agent error handling * 13534 FIX: agent_splunk: Fix crash if a function has no features * 13128 FIX: agent_vsphere: Fix bug occuring when vSphere secret has a special format * 12216 FIX: agent_vsphere: Fix compatibility for version 5.5 * 13406 FIX: agent_vsphere: KeyError: runtime.host * 12086 FIX: alcatel_power_aos7: throws exception “KeyError()” on empty power_type_entry * 12501 FIX: apc_inrow_system_events,liebert_system_events,printer_alerts: Services were not discovered * 13031 FIX: arista_bgp: handle empty addresses * 11994 FIX: aruba_cpu_util: UNKNOWN state if cpu utilization is zero * 12674 FIX: brocade_sfp: Correct assignment of Rx/Tx power levels for Brocade SFPs * 11731 FIX: cadvisor_if: Item not found in monitoring data * 11740 FIX: ceph_status_mgrs: fix crash on KeyError(epoch) * 11739 FIX: ceph_status_osds: Ceph version 15.2.5 fix crash on KeyError(osdmap) * 12634 FIX: check plugin register: raise error on duplicate plugin * 12315 FIX: check: liebert_temp_air: fix Attribute Error * 13165 FIX: check_dns: Act case-insensitive * 12897 FIX: check_icmp: Failed to resolve multiple addresses * 11869 FIX: check_ldap: Fix broken “Version 3 and TLS” SSL version * 13528 FIX: check_mail, check_mail_loop, check_mailboxes: Do not show passwords if the active check is executed on the commandline with option ‘–debug’ * 11524 FIX: check_mail: Fix cleanup of messages (‘Namespace’ object has no attribute ‘cleanup_messages’) * 11980 FIX: check_mail: better error message if email could not be copied * 13254 FIX: check_mail: enable connect timeout for IMAP mode * 12808 FIX: check_mail_loop: crash RuntimeError(“Server responded b’+OK 1 messages:’, […]”) * 13042 FIX: check_mail_loop: respect –debug * 11527 FIX: check_mk: Fix missing info about Checkmk agent version in HW/SW Inventory System and Support Diagnostics * 13162 FIX: check_mk_active: fix “AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘split’ * 13030 FIX: check_mk_agent terminates ntpd via timedatectl * 12388 FIX: check_mk_agent.aix: Fix execution of cached plugins * 13447 FIX: check_mk_agent.linux: Write ntp section if ntpsec.service active * 12810 FIX: check_mk_agent.solaris: fix error “integer expression expected” * 12385 FIX: check_mk_agent.{aix,solaris}: Move read_python_version in order to init PATH and MK_* correctly * 12907 FIX: check_mk_agent: Fix issues with systemd * 12930 FIX: check_mk_agent: Major Python version checked * 12713 FIX: check_ps: Check goes UNKN if configured to show percentage of RAM in some cases * 11758 FIX: check_traceroute: Fix different issues * 12314 FIX: checks: Fix “MS Exchange Information Store” rule crash * 12092 FIX: cisco_mem_asa: raises IndexError() on bad SNMP data * 12673 FIX: cisco_nexus_cpu: Remove duplicated service * 13188 FIX: cisco_qos: 0 bandwidth leads to permanently critical services * 12089 FIX: cisco_ucs_*: ValueError (invalid literal for int() with base 10: ”) raised * 13469 FIX: cisco_ucs_hdd: hot spares are OK to be inoperable * 12776 FIX: cisco_vpn_sessions: Fix IndexError (string index out of range) * 13526 FIX: cisco_wlc{,_clients}: Support model Cisco WLC 3504 * 11952 FIX: cmciii: door sensor always returns CRIT status * 12916 FIX: cmciii_can_current: levels of the current metric are now given in ampere * 12760 FIX: cmciii_temp_in_out: fix crash of plugin * 12351 FIX: cmk option –plugins does not work with -i * 12929 FIX: cmk_site_statistics: Fixed crash when livestatus empty * 12509 FIX: cmk_site_statistics: add cluster functionality * 12504 FIX: dell_powerconnect_cpu: remove illegal character from metric name * 12777 FIX: dell_poweredge_amperage: fix ValueError crash * 12119 FIX: docker_container_cpu check accepts cgroup v2 values * 12306 FIX: docker_container_cpu: fix `KeyError (percpu_usage)` crash * 13402 FIX: docker_container_diskstat: fix stale service * 13485 FIX: docker_container_health: crash upon multiline health test script * 11773 FIX: docker_container_mem: crash during discovery: KeyError(‘stats’) * 12780 FIX: enable password store for elasticsearch agent * 12632 FIX: entity_sensors_temp: remove default temperature levels * 13527 FIX: enviromux_sems_digital: Fix discovery * 11829 FIX: esx_vsphere_counters_diskio: IOPS * 13182 FIX: esx_vsphere_hostsystem_multipath: changed data format in VMware version >= 7 leads to broken services * 12201 FIX: esx_vsphere_vm_snapshots: Check crashes if there are snapshots from the future * 12681 FIX: f5_bigip_fans: could not detect speed when speed is equal to 0 * 12682 FIX: f5_bigip_mem: item disappears from monitoring data * 12886 FIX: f5_bigip_snat: modifying parse function to prevent failure * 12635 FIX: fileinfo, filestats: improve description of upper levels * 11826 FIX: fileinfo.groups conjunctions not working properly * 11741 FIX: fileinfo.groups: group pattern not found for enforced services * 11947 FIX: fileinfo: SAP HANA files shown as WARN if jointly monitored with other files * 12683 FIX: fileinfo_groups: No group patterns found for some enforced services * 12080 FIX: fjdarye-plugins: some discovery functions returned non-str items, leading to crashes * 13472 FIX: fjdarye500_disks_summary: “Transform failed” during cmk-update-config * 12807 FIX: hp_msa: Fix TypeError: Unicode-objects must be encoded before hashing * 11761 FIX: hp_msa_controller: Fix incompatibility between ruleset and check * 11783 FIX: hr_mem crashes on HP and Arris SNMP data * 12714 FIX: hr_mem: don’t crash on invalid SNMP values for `hrStorageType` * 12087 FIX: hr_mem: raises KeyError() on invalid SNMP data * 12082 FIX: hr_mem: workarounds for bad SNMP data for OKI and HP printers * 11704 FIX: ibm_mq: Various bugfixes * 11732 FIX: if-checks: update default check parameters * 13253 FIX: if_brocade_lancom: move mapping information away from interface description * 12393 FIX: informix_{dbspaces,locks,logusage,sessions}: Add missing WATO rulesets * 12358 FIX: interfaces: Wrong scaling of metrics * 13536 FIX: ipmi_discrete: Fix evaluating “Drive Fault” as CRIT * 11352 FIX: iptables: Keep ACK after update/restart * 13149 FIX: isstore, isclienttype: fix performance problems * 11767 FIX: job: Crash upon certain killed jobs * 12510 FIX: jolokia_jvm_runtime: Uptime was off by a factor of 1000 * 11353 FIX: k8s_daemon_pods: Handle null value * 11948 FIX: k8s_nodes: fix crash with error “unexpected keyword argument ‘bounderies'” * 12692 FIX: k8s_replicas: proper check message when replicas data is not available * 13051 FIX: kaspersky_av_client: unhandled execption IndexError (list index out of range) in parse function * 12790 FIX: kubernetes: label empty endpoint_info * 11525 FIX: lnx_if: Treat only interfaces with UP and LOWER_UP (bracket info from ip address) as UP * 11807 FIX: local check: Do not crash on negative timespans * 13063 FIX: lsi_disk: Fix setting expected disk state * 13529 FIX: lvm_vgs: Fix graph for filesystem units * 11999 FIX: lvm_vgs: Validate against levels of 0 bytes on free space * 12049 FIX: mem: Fix missing memory service * 11996 FIX: mem: remove pointless metrics for LXC containers * 12002 FIX: missing `cisco_asa_svc_default_levels` execption during cmk-udpate-config * 12809 FIX: mk-job.solaris: support for parameters containing spaces * 11771 FIX: mk_docker.py: Exception in section_container_agent * 11997 FIX: mk_docker.py: Handle parallel calls of the plugin * 13306 FIX: mk_docker.py: Improve error reporting when executed asynchronously * 11770 FIX: mk_docker.py: The plugin crashed with a SyntaxError * 13403 FIX: mk_docker.py: add cgroupv2 support: memory * 13404 FIX: mk_docker.py: diskstat: do not discovery devices without counters * 11892 FIX: mk_errpt.aix: Crash upon non-existing mv option * 11893 FIX: mk_errpt.aix: avoid escaping issues when ‘/’ is in errpts output * 11822 FIX: mk_logwatch crashes in debug mode * 11882 FIX: mk_logwatch: Output limitation counted characters instead of bytes * 11796 FIX: mk_logwatch: fix “cannotopen” message for a large number of files * 13050 FIX: mk_mongodb.py support non legacy hello result * 13396 FIX: mk_mongodb: replica: always output address if available * 13449 FIX: mk_mysql: Fix missing includes warning * 11823 FIX: mk_oracle.ps1 use Oracle config in $MK_CONFDIR * 11523 FIX: mk_oracle: Fixed problems with multiple ORACLE_HOME entries on Grid setups * 11630 FIX: mk_oracle: Show cached information in column ‘checked’ in case of async custom SQLs * 11699 FIX: mk_postgres support for python2.6 linux platform * 13531 FIX: mk_postgres: Fix Bug with password authentication method on Linux * 12156 FIX: mk_postgres: Service state goes to stale if psql connection failed. * 11705 FIX: mk_postgres: compatibility for python2.6 * 13168 FIX: mk_postgres: fix for CentOS 8: “MAIN”: not running * 12820 FIX: mk_postgres: fixed user detection: use default user “postgres” in case of error * 12817 FIX: mk_postgres: improved error message “Instance DATA not running” * 13045 FIX: mk_redis: always check all instances * 12892 FIX: mk_sap.py: Run Python2 version on hosts with Python2 and Python3 * 11784 FIX: mpre check missing handling for ‘U’ value in Nagios performance data * 11950 FIX: mssql.vbs: fix only one mssql job discovered * 11745 FIX: mssql_counters.file_sizes: convert all performance data to bytes * 11746 FIX: mssql_counters.file_sizes: return performance data for warn/crit values in bytes * 12088 FIX: mssql_counters: ValueError() raised on unknown timestamp format * 12712 FIX: mssql_counters: ValueError() raised on unknown timestamp formats * 11742 FIX: mssql_instance: add MSSQL 2019 to known instances * 11951 FIX: mssql_jobs: fix Check_MK and Check_MK_Discovery crash * 13041 FIX: mtr agent plugin: fix multiple issues * 12091 FIX: mysql_capacity: ValueError() raised if ‘:’ in error message * 13225 FIX: netapp_api_fcp: “Transform failed” during cmk-update-config * 13251 FIX: netapp_api_temp: crash on access to non-existing key ‘temp-sensor-current-temperature’ * 13252 FIX: netapp_api_vs_traffic services become PENDING if time correspondent does not change * 12651 FIX: nimble_latency: do not discover if no data * 12630 FIX: ntp: Check_MK Discovery crash “invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘st'” * 11895 FIX: omd_info: only create host label ‘cmk/check_mk_server:yes’ if sites are present * 12643 FIX: oracle_asm_diskgroup: fix crash “TypeError (unsupported operand type(s) for *: ‘NoneType’ and ‘int’)”. * 12715 FIX: oracle_performance: could crash with KeyError (Shared IO Pool Size) * 12642 FIX: oracle_rman: fix crash “KeyError(ROSPROD.DB_INCR_0)” * 13556 FIX: oracle_rman: multiple backups lead to oldest backup shown * 13272 FIX: prometheus_build: show Prometheus version optionally * 12076 FIX: proxmox_ve: use powers of 10 for KB, MB, GB, TB instead of powers of 2 * 12093 FIX: proxmox_ve_backup_status: ZeroDivisionError() raised on some agent input * 11780 FIX: proxmox_ve_backup_status: crash if last_backup is null * 12081 FIX: proxmox_ve_mem_usage: clear default levels * 12706 FIX: ps section parser: crash on KeyError() when host is using busybox’ ps implementation * 12901 FIX: ps: Fix crash if only some node of a cluster provide memory info * 13189 FIX: ps: irregular line continuation in Windows agent output leads to crash * 13558 FIX: ps: quoted parameters in Windows agent output leads to crash * 12711 FIX: ps_check: crash on non-matching enforced service ‘State and count of processes’ * 12893 FIX: qnap_disks: Warn if SMART status is not “GOOD” * 13213 FIX: real-time-checks: fix decryption if agent encryption is anabled * 13214 FIX: real-time-checks: systemd compatibility * 12925 FIX: sap_hana_memrate: Fix graph for memory used * 11814 FIX: smart check: Evaluate command timeouts as counter * 12917 FIX: snmp_info: the description is now part of the summary again * 13028 FIX: solaris agent: ps: don’t cut user names after 8 chars * 12896 FIX: statgrab_mem,solaris_mem: Missing memory data in HW/SW inventory * 12095 FIX: storcli_pdisks: KeyError() raised in check-function if item vanished * 13532 FIX: storeonce4x_cat_stores: Do not check filesystem if quota is disabled * 13230 FIX: systemd_units: Handling of ‘deactivating’ services * 13187 FIX: systemd_units_services_summary: incorrect activating/reloading period shown in service * 11953 FIX: tab character in service description causes stale services * 11889 FIX: tcp_conn_stats: Missing data for datapower devices * 13271 FIX: timesyncd increase warn default level for last synchronisation period * 13138 FIX: timesyncd: Crash (Cannot render negative timespan) * 11881 FIX: ucs_bladecenter_psu: assume power save mode if both voltages are zero * 12251 FIX: unitrends_replication.py: support for Python 2/Python 3 * 11880 FIX: ups_capacity: Bring back UPS ‘capacity’ metric * 12918 FIX: ups_capacity: add missing perfometer * 12647 FIX: ups_cps_battery: fix crash “ValueError (invalid literal for int() with base 10:’NULL’)” * 12693 FIX: ups_cps_inphase: fixing error in parse function when either voltage or frequency value was missing * 11782 FIX: ups_out_load check and discovery crash on empty values for load and voltage * 13256 FIX: veeam_backup_status: loading of Veeam Powershell modules improved * 13190 FIX: veritas_vcs: cluster behaviour regresses from Checkmk version <= 1.6 * 12361 FIX: watchdog_sensors: not possible to apply different rules to dew point and temperature * 13562 FIX: win_dhcp_pools: Free or used leases statistics are average values not absolute * 12200 FIX: winperf_processor_util: Perfometer for CPU utilization added * 12084 FIX: wrong command line argument usage in check_mail active check * 12514 FIX: zerto_vpg_rpo: Fix crash of plugin * 12090 FIX: zypper: crash with "IndexError (list index out of range)" * 13118 FIX: sentry_pdu, raritan_pdu_plugs: Fix parameter handling NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13348 FIX: windows_if.ps1: Use Get-NetAdapter if possible NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12496 FIX: Agent vSphere: no longer collect output from Checkmk agent NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12500 FIX: Call parse function even for empty data NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13689 FIX: Change xinetd/systemd unit names in Linux agent of Checkmk Raw Edition NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 11902 FIX: Fix crash in Rittal CMC III temperature check NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12505 FIX: Legacy Check API: drop clear_item_states_by_full_keys NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12494 FIX: Multiline interface descriptions now supported NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 11777 FIX: Reordered inventory of VMware ESX clusters NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12824 FIX: UCS Bladecenter: support monitoring of racks and blades in the same ucs domain NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12646 FIX: agent_azure: correct piggyback-section headers NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12684 FIX: agent_kubernetes: inaccurate timestamp conversion NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12764 FIX: agent_prometheus: don’t crash if the cAdvisor is used without a namespace prefix NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12497 FIX: check_dns: Explicit option in WATO rule NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13481 FIX: check_mk_agent.freebsd: rename MK_TMPDIR to MK_VARDIR NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13146 FIX: chrony: warn if synchronization is lost NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12913 FIX: cisco_ip_sla: use stable service descriptions NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12641 FIX: dell_compellent_disks: introduce unique item description NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 11812 FIX: esx multipath: Skip devices without LUN ID * 12690 FIX: esx_vshpere_hostsystem_cpu: added cluster check NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13185 FIX: esx_vsphere_hostsystem_mem: added cluster check NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12512 FIX: fortigate_memory_base: Wrong default levels and wrong absolute levels NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12765 FIX: k8s_pods_memory, k8s_pods_cpu, k8s_pods_fs: deprecate check plugins NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 11788 FIX: k8s_replicas: discover paused deployments NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12789 FIX: kubernetes: nodes: fix labelling NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12631 FIX: logwatch: fix “invalid regular expression” crash NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12919 FIX: lsi_array, lsi_disk: fix crash of RAID array and RAID disk services NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12914 FIX: mssql.vbs: plugin now uses UTF-16 to support special characters like umlauts NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13687 FIX: mssql_blocked_sessions: Duplicate service description NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12362 FIX: netapp_api_snapvault: clustermode: duplicate item names lead to missing services NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 11884 FIX: printer_supply: Drop support for configuration via *.mk file NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12621 FIX: redis_info: Fix RRD creation NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 11725 FIX: storcli_pdisks, storcli_vdisks: Support multiple RAID controllers per system NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
Core & setup: * 12850 Migrating Checkmk configurations during site renamings * 13633 The password store is now storing passwords obfuscated * 13312 omd mv/cp: Improve handling of site renamings * 12375 API host_config: modifying the folder link of the served host * 13072 API: addition of downtime management in distributed monitoring setup * 12350 API: addition of get single downtime endpoint * 11970 API: addition of list agents endpoint which previously return a 500 error * 12125 API: addition of show all endpoint to user, host tag, password and time period * 11969 API: addition of user management endpoints * 11971 API: extension of downtime endpoints functionality * 13074 API: modification of acknowledgement endpoint to allow management in distributed setup * 12210 API: modification of group update endpoint * 12121 API: modification of password endpoints to return an object for create and update * 12209 API: modification of show all host tags endpoint * 12122 API: modification of time period endpoint to support built-in time period * 12274 API: removing etag requirement in delete endpoints * 12836 Disable outdated extension packages during site updates * 12371 FIX API: adjusting content of user endpoints and allowing disabling option for notifications * 10293 REST API: allow effective host attributes to be queries * 11940 REST API: explicit documentation of HTTP status codes * 11938 REST API: make optimistic locking via ETags configurable * 12945 REST API: option to show folders recursively and return type * 12336 REST API: single folder/folder list, additional parameter “show_hosts” * 11937 REST API: support users authenticated via site Apache * 13318 Special agent modules can now be loaded from local hierarchy * 12949 add folder to REST API host endpoints * 12206 downtime_script: changing script to use REST API endpoints * 13144 Add builtin host label “cmk/site” * 13399 RESTAPI: Endpoint for downloading agent by host name NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13049 RESTAPI: require accept header NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12275 downtime script: deprecating the previous downtime scripts NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12277 SEC: Docker container: Update base image to Debian buster * 13076 FIX: REST API missing and duplicated hosts problem * 12835 FIX: Service label conditions could lead to wrong rule matches * 13083 FIX: cleanup only very old activations * 12941 FIX: REST API: convert known host attributes to well defined structure NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12954 FIX: generate default site configuration before Apache starts NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12955 FIX: host collection response in REST API NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12951 FIX: response format of all host_config/folder_config REST API endpoints NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12667 FIX: API agent: fixing the download agent endpoint * 12668 FIX: API folder_config: fixing the show endpoint which did not work for the root folder * 12374 FIX: API time_period: fixing show endpoint which failed when time period with no exclude was called * 12372 FIX: API time_period: modifying update endpoint to conform to internal structure * 12272 FIX: API: WATO change message fix for remove password endpoint * 12348 FIX: API: adjusting code example for service endpoint * 12349 FIX: API: adjusting downtime doc examples and fixing downtime objects links * 12347 FIX: API: adjustment of code example for user endpoint * 12052 FIX: API: fixing bulk delete hosts endpoint * 12053 FIX: API: fixing bulk-delete endpoints for host_group, contact_group and service_group * 12271 FIX: API: fixing password update endpoint * 12670 FIX: API: fixing service show link in services collection endpoint * 12051 FIX: API: fixing the list group endpoints for host_group, contact_group and service_group * 12055 FIX: API: fixing the password behaviour where no activate change states were previously registered * 12273 FIX: API: modifications for downtime endpoint * 11900 FIX: Avoid duplicate display for extension packages * 11445 FIX: Core config generation: Minor performance improvement * 11448 FIX: Core config generation: Small increase in performance through further caching * 11871 FIX: Docker container: Add git client to support setup git integration * 12548 FIX: Fix cmk –scan-parents on localized linux systems * 12129 FIX: Fix discovered host labels file names * 12300 FIX: Fix missing special agent in cluster configuration * 13279 FIX: Fixed unintentionally stopping of monitoring core * 12903 FIX: Management boards: cache DNS lookup * 12948 FIX: REST API ETag handling * 13079 FIX: REST API crash when setting SNMP credential * 12956 FIX: REST API exception handling * 12339 FIX: REST API folder_config host_config sub resource * 12338 FIX: REST API list of currently running activations * 12947 FIX: REST API: ETag validation is not less strict * 12337 FIX: REST API: acknowledgement – not found on update is a 400 * 12944 FIX: REST API: acquire wato configuration lock before changing files * 12946 FIX: REST API: allow dots in pathnames through folder regexp * 12943 FIX: REST API: allow hostnames for ipaddress attribute * 13080 FIX: REST API: allow setting of downtime from read-only site * 11943 FIX: REST API: fix HTTP digest login * 11941 FIX: REST API: fix column parameter on Livestatus endpoints * 10294 FIX: REST API: fix update/remove attributes in update host endpoint * 11967 FIX: REST API: fixing password get endpoint * 13036 FIX: REST API: host & folder config: fixed remove_attributes * 10295 FIX: REST API: host and service filtering now usable without table prefixes * 11939 FIX: REST API: links in responses are now absolute * 12942 FIX: REST API: parse HTTP content-type header options * 13033 FIX: REST API: respect disabled WATO * 11968 FIX: REST API: restricting host tag group id to the same pattern as in WATO * 13038 FIX: REST API: title should be optional on update * 13398 FIX: RESTAPI: discovery: Service Item may be Null * 13407 FIX: RESTAPI: do not update config generation on get requests * 13047 FIX: RESTAPI: fix agent information and agent download * 13397 FIX: RESTAPI: fix endpoint “Update the phase of a service” * 12799 FIX: Raw Edition: Allow round brackets in service descriptions * 12344 FIX: Status GUI: prevent duplicated export links to REST API * 12958 FIX: add validation for custom tags to REST API * 12890 FIX: dcd: solve error when custom dcd connectors are installed * 12340 FIX: delete downtimes by_id * 12669 FIX: downtime: fixing deprecated webapi based downtime script * 13077 FIX: fix REST API ETag configuration option * 12343 FIX: fix missing __id in folders after upgrade from 1.6.0 * 13668 FIX: jenkins_queue: Fix n/a metrics in case of missing data * 12950 FIX: missing default tag groups in the REST API * 11868 FIX: mkbackup: Fix permission issues when backing up different sites * 12309 FIX: nagios core: include legacy dependencies of new api plugins * 13082 FIX: scheduling host downtimes with REST API from read-only sites * 11942 FIX: webapi: fix TypeError when formatting tags * 12346 FIX: API: modifying the host and folder update endpoints NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 11664 FIX: Fix AttributeError on update with nagios core * 11752 FIX: Management board: SNMP bulk walk can now be configured * 12952 FIX: REST API: make endpoint responses more specific NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13513 FIX: check_http: Fix replacement of HOSTALIAS in service description NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12959 FIX: contact group host attribute in REST API NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12953 FIX: response conversion of all endpoints of REST API NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
Event console: * 11858 Expect messages: Can now keep acknowledged state on merging * 12518 New dashlet “Event Statistics” * 11383 ec: Make filter for rule packs able to match “text to match” * 11747 SEC: Fix stored XSS triggered by received syslog messages * 13091 FIX: Fixed event console time filters * 12170 FIX: Fixed tracebacks in the Event Console caused by missing event properties. * 12171 FIX: Handle subseconds and timezones in RFC-like syslog messages * 13088 FIX: Handle old syslog messages without a tag. * 12287 FIX: Raw edition: Remove useless rule pack packaging buttons * 11734 FIX: cmk-update-config: KeyError: 'comment' * 11744 FIX: support case-insensitive hostname matching for multiple host match types * 12859 FIX: Fix “Reset Counter” option in distributed setups NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12745 FIX: Fix synchronisation of config changes to remote sites NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
HW/SW inventory: * 12391 HW/SW Inventory History: Improve handling of changed inventory table rows * 12392 HW/SW Inventory: Single values or table columns can be kept longer than their validity period * 12022 New inventory plugins for Fortinet systems * 12389 HW/SW Inventory: Change raw tree structure NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 11768 FIX: Missing inventory data * 12989 FIX: mem_used: “KeyError: ‘SwapTotal'” * 12782 FIX: Activate inventory for kubernetes objects * 12118 FIX: Fix docker inventory: docker_node_info could not handle docker swarm * 13622 FIX: Fixed empty hostname in network inventory table * 11633 FIX: HW/SW Inventory: Fix inventorizing only one entry on SNMP devices * 12519 FIX: Inventory history: Fixed table styling * 12117 FIX: Inventory: docker: Readd labels for images and containers * 12189 FIX: inv_if: Fix crash when admin_status missing * 11634 FIX: inv_if: Fix missing interface description and alias in HW/SW inventory tree if not “do status data inventory” * 12783 FIX: inventory: kubernetes endpoint * 12786 FIX: inventory: kubernetes ingress * 12779 FIX: inventory: solaris_pkginfo: failed: ‘<' not supported between instances of 'str' and 'NoneType' * 12029 FIX: lnx_distro: Update Checkmk appliance vendor and version field Linux distributions: * 11957 Dropping support Ubuntu 19.10 NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12322 FIX: Standalone Windows exe files are no more included in distro to avoid false positives from antiviruses Livestatus: * 12701 Add four columns to livestatus for Robotmk * 11828 Quicksearch: add host and service label capabilites * 10129 FIX: Fixed WaitObject regression in Livestatus queries * 12298 FIX: Fix "No historic metrics recorded..." * 13289 FIX: Fixed slow livestatus connections with TLS encryption Livestatus proxy: * 12659 Improved performance when querying lots of data Metrics system: * 11398 Predefined graphs avaible on the grafana connector for RAW Edition * 11399 FIX: Standardize CPU utilization graphs with fixed range from 0% to 100% Notifications: * 13659 New SMS notification script for IP modems * 13150 Format of fallback notifications * 11669 Opsgenie: Added missing proxy option * 12239 Pushover notifications: add "vibrate" to selectable sound options * 11372 Renamed VictorOps to Splunk On-Call * 12866 pagerduty, slack, ilert, signl4, victorops, cisco_webex_teams: Add missing options * 12857 slack: Add option to configure proxy * 13027 FIX: Bulk notification without WATO plugin crash * 12755 FIX: Fix AssertionError if escalation is used in flexible notifications * 13115 FIX: Fix UnicodeDecodeError on fallback notifications * 12616 FIX: Fix missing "From" parameter in bulk notifications * 13377 FIX: Fix missing date header in for ASCII and HTML Email * 13114 FIX: Fix missing notification result in log history on direct local delivery * 13669 FIX: Fix syntax error if display name is used in notifications on appliances * 12962 FIX: Fix usage of default sender address of appliance * 13492 FIX: Notification plugins: Fix proxy setting "Connect without proxy" * 12612 FIX: Opsgenie: Fix notification plugin * 13666 FIX: Opsgenie: Fix using team names with spaces * 11833 FIX: Pagerduty notifications: HTTP 400, "'payload.source' is missing or blank" * 12130 FIX: Raw Edition: Fix graph in HTML notifications * 11832 FIX: SIGNL4, iLert: Process response codes correctly * 11831 FIX: SIGNL4: status in case of recovery * 11384 FIX: ilert: Fixed exception while sending messages * 12752 FIX: jira notification: Fix empty rule on edit if rule was created pre 1.6.0p18 * 11907 FIX: pushover: Fix TypeError * 11913 FIX: Fix usage of host custom attribute in service notification bulking Other components: * 10320 Enable SAML athentication * 13321 SEC: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.29 (Fix possible deletion of arbitrary files) * 11958 SEC: Update openssl to 1.1.1k * 13307 SEC: Update site openssl to 1.1.1l * 10131 FIX: Bumped shipped Python version from 3.8.6 to 3.8.7 * 10319 FIX: Add opsgenie-sdk needed for opsgenie_issues * 13316 FIX: Checkmk now requires Appliance firmware 1.4.17 or newer * 13635 FIX: Drop outdated and rarely used packages (jmx4perl, Webinject, check_mysql_health, check_oracle_health) * 13636 FIX: Fix xinetd installation problem on SLES15 * 12030 FIX: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.24 * 12290 FIX: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.25 * 12837 FIX: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.26 * 12842 FIX: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.27 * 13319 FIX: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.28 * 13631 FIX: NagVis: Updated to 1.9.30 * 13311 FIX: Update mod_auth_mellon to 0.18.0 * 13310 FIX: Update mod_wsgi to 4.9.0 * 13308 FIX: Update redis to 6.2.6 * 13309 FIX: Update stunnel to 5.60 * 11816 FIX: pykerberos build under SLES* REST API: * 13722 SEC: Don't return passwords NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13720 SEC: Stop returning password hashes over API NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13275 FIX: API: fix update host tag group endpoint to return correct status code * 13634 FIX: REST API: Creating hosts via API does not trigger agent baking by default anymore NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! Reporting & availability: * 11835 Remove options to change foreground, background, canvas color of graphs Setup: * 12328 Add possibility to change Windows Agent WMI timeout in WATO * 13288 Improve speed of activate changes by incremental activating changes * 12135 More detailed audit logging * 13712 cmk-update-config: Drop removed check plugins from ruleset “Disabled checks” * 11809 Add missing IMAP Mailboxes rule * 13194 Add several security HTTP headers * 12008 Autodiscovery: Drop scanning configuration option * 11447 BI REST API: Introduced PUT/POST requests for BI packs * 11446 BI REST API: Introduced PUT/POST requests for rules and aggregations * 12900 Bulk discovery: Show host count in progress info * 11350 Clear search query after following result * 13313 Distributed monitoring: Improve version compatibility validation * 12020 Macros in dashlet titles * 12804 Make PasswordStore available for LDAP connections * 13143 Make token authentication available for Prometheus * 12144 Number of fetchers is now initialized with previous Checkmk helpers * 12026 Performance Graph Dashlets: Specify by Graph Title instead of by Index * 12390 Permitted HW/SW inventory paths: Make explicit fields for single values, table columns or categories * 13691 Renew old site certificates during update * 13198 Stop showing automation secrets * 12884 User interface available in additional languages * 13523 Validate configured rules when updating configuration * 11442 WATO ruleset page: Improved rendering speed on large installations * 13065 Absolute Levels on Filesystem Growth: Change Internal Representation From MB to Bytes NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 11860 SEC: Password dialogs now handle passwords more securely * 13314 SEC: Distributed monitoring: Do not log site secret on remote site * 13191 SEC: Fix XSS in conditions * 12280 SEC: Fix XSS on host / folder properties page * 13069 SEC: Fix file path manipulation * 13066 SEC: Fix path traversal vulnerability * 13067 SEC: Fix path traversal vulnerability * 12547 SEC: Fix possible XSS on audit log page * 12564 SEC: Fix possible stored XSS issue when uploading backup keys * 13196 SEC: More secure password hashing * 13286 SEC: WATO WebAPI: Added additional user permission checks for various calls * 13195 SEC: Add validation to Documentation URL NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13721 SEC: Stop returning password hashes over WebAPI NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12828 FIX: Distributed setup: Fix parallel activations breaking remote sites * 12846 FIX: Fix inheritance of folder contact groups to services of hosts NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12357 FIX: “Parameters for this service” was incomplete for clusters * 12472 FIX: 1.6central/2.0remote compatibility: Fixed service discovery and activate changes * 12456 FIX: API Hosttag configuration: Fixed exception on changing tag configuration * 13285 FIX: Activate Changes: Minor speedup for setups with disabled/inactive sites * 12281 FIX: Activate changes: Failed to report “locked site” state * 11617 FIX: Activate changes: Improve error handling when trying to activate changes of offline sites * 12142 FIX: Agent encryption: Rule edit can display stored secrets again * 13467 FIX: Allow to configure additional IP addresses regardless of the IP address family * 12352 FIX: Allow to disable management board checks in Disabled checks * 13372 FIX: Allow usage of host label conditions in service labels ruleset * 12511 FIX: Any custom Perf-O-Meter destroyed all Perf-O-Meters * 11995 FIX: Availablity: GUI crash if timeline is displayed in table * 11800 FIX: Avoid escaping in custom host attributes * 13382 FIX: Avoid unnecessary warn messages in Redis server log * 12139 FIX: Backup schedule: Fix empty “time of day” selection * 12289 FIX: Backup: Fix adding / editing backup jobs with manual schedule * 11632 FIX: Bulk discovery: Fix ‘too many values to unpack’ if old performance parameters are still used * 11615 FIX: Bulk import: Fix error when trying to import host aliases with special characters * 12803 FIX: Change default SSL setting of “VMWare ESX via vSphere” rule * 12294 FIX: Changing predefined conditions now triggers core reload * 12457 FIX: Cleanup routine for hosts no longer needlessly loads the complete config * 11351 FIX: Clear search query also on-click * 12145 FIX: Config update: Site specific global settings are now also updated * 12123 FIX: Datasource Programs: fix upgrade problem for activemq rules * 12327 FIX: Deprecated configuration option “Text logfiles (Windows)” has been removed from WATO * 12034 FIX: Distributed monitoring: Prevent remote site connection with [central]_bi sites * 13276 FIX: Distributed setup: Prevent timeouts during synchronization * 11349 FIX: Do not access ntop from CRE * 11763 FIX: Do not clear changes when editing central site configuration * 13373 FIX: Do not log multiple exceptions on failed login of LDAP user * 11872 FIX: Edit tag groups: Extend size of tag ID and title input fields * 12232 FIX: Error reporting in downtime script (treasures) * 11870 FIX: Extension packages: Be more robust against broken packages * 13530 FIX: FIX node and cluster data source consistency validation * 13220 FIX: Filesize unit labels * 11766 FIX: Fix “Parameters of host/service” page with time specific parameters * 13496 FIX: Fix “Request URI too long” error on upload of iCalendar files * 13384 FIX: Fix ‘Request-URI Too Long’ error on rule search * 12561 FIX: Fix KeyError (site_id) crash on host properties page (2.0.0p2 regression) * 13501 FIX: Fix LDAP connection error for connections the user is not part of * 11397 FIX: Fix Service discovery when service checkoutput has values of -inf * 13514 FIX: Fix TypeError on audit log search * 13656 FIX: Fix already used error using host and service label conditions * 13004 FIX: Fix audit log export to contain only csv data * 12285 FIX: Fix broken deletion of background jobs from background job detail page * 11861 FIX: Fix broken host search * 13715 FIX: Fix configuration update of MRPE agent ruleset * 11614 FIX: Fix crash when configuring icon visibility of custom icons * 13240 FIX: Fix disabling of vanished services in service discovery * 13104 FIX: Fix duplicated warnings while activating pending changes * 13385 FIX: Fix error on uploading iCalendar with recurrence rules * 11865 FIX: Fix errors after moving hosts on folder page * 11873 FIX: Fix exception caused by custom host attributes when saving host changes * 13508 FIX: Fix failed logins for LDAP user created with Checkmk versions below 1.4 * 13509 FIX: Fix impossible host renaming if uninvolved sites have changes * 11862 FIX: Fix label completion * 11897 FIX: Fix misc regressions with Piggyback configuration * 11864 FIX: Fix moving tag groups on tag groups page * 13504 FIX: Fix non functional change of OMD config variables for remote sites * 12549 FIX: Fix parent scan * 11750 FIX: Fix popup after logging in a remote site * 13512 FIX: Fix possible “Request-URI Too Long” error on editing contact groups * 13238 FIX: Fix possible core restart of remote sites on every activating of changes * 13506 FIX: Fix possible unhandled exception if site connection is encrypted * 12848 FIX: Fix remote host renaming timeouts in distributed setups * 11613 FIX: Fix resetting if GUI related global settings * 12880 FIX: Fix ruleset “JVM memory levels” * 12381 FIX: Fix ruleset transformation of ‘Hosts not using Inline-SNMP’ to ‘Hosts using a specific SNMP Backend’ * 13507 FIX: Fix simulation mode in service discovery and connection tests * 12136 FIX: Fix unchanged rule ID when cloning a rule to different folder * 11755 FIX: Fix user profile replication in distributed setups * 11529 FIX: Fix validation of datasource types of cluster and its nodes if inherited from folder * 13323 FIX: Fix validation of host addresses in different situations * 12658 FIX: Fixed broken caching for host/service/contact groups in the GUI * 12657 FIX: Fixed slow page rendering in rule analysis mode * 12851 FIX: Folder/Host permissions: Users could add groups but not remove them afterwards * 11358 FIX: Hide “Update DNS Cache” according to current settings * 12840 FIX: Host / service labels: Prevent to use label conditions in referred predefined conditions * 12044 FIX: Host rename: Keep discovered host labels during renaming * 12879 FIX: Host tags in rule conditions: show correct group * 12513 FIX: Invalid rulesets for multiple choice service conditions * 12395 FIX: LDAP: Fix ‘Sync-Plugin: Roles’ if ‘#’ is used in distinguish name * 12559 FIX: LDAP: Fix potential crash “KeyError: force_authuser_webservice” * 12987 FIX: Loss Of Absolute JVM Memory Levels During Update From 1.6 To 2.0 * 11972 FIX: Missing DCD connections * 13034 FIX: Network scan for folders did not show all criticality tags * 12345 FIX: Network scan: remove unused ip_regex_list from address_range * 13632 FIX: Password store: Fix sharing passwords with other contact group members * 11930 FIX: Pattern Analyzer: Fix broken link to edit rules * 11927 FIX: Pattern Editor: Unable to analyze matching, because “service” parameter is missing * 12276 FIX: Predefined conditions: Fix broken link “rules using this condition” * 12288 FIX: Prometheus: Fix javascript error when configuring PromQL queries * 12042 FIX: Rule search: Remove duplicate titles of rule group boxes * 12292 FIX: Rules: Fix displaying rule with empty service conditions * 12282 FIX: Ruleset edit page: Fix move / delete of rules disable rule analyzation * 12554 FIX: Ruleset editor: Fix analyzing host label matching in distributed setups * 12283 FIX: Service discovery page: Do not fail in case of unknown manual check rules * 13711 FIX: Service discovery with non-ASCII service names * 12043 FIX: Service discovery: Disabling services works also with disabled rule * 12293 FIX: Service discovery: Fix discovered host label processing * 12312 FIX: Show “Metric” in drop down instead of “802.dot11a” * 11762 FIX: Site attribute of hosts / folders is now limited to distributed setup sites * 12332 FIX: Stale status of host is correctly determined when host is not reachable * 12465 FIX: Tag configuration: Fixed broken “Tag usage” page * 12546 FIX: Tags: Fix exception when changing existing tag ID * 12354 FIX: Uneditable WATO rules: “You are trying to edit a rule which does not exist anymore.” * 13380 FIX: Validate use of contact groups in dashboards on deletion * 12311 FIX: Views: host custom attribute: Fix grouping, add sorting * 12793 FIX: Views: hostname background color * 11440 FIX: WATO Cluster Discovery: Fixed bug showing services of NodeA on NodeB * 11612 FIX: Web API: bulk_discovery_start: Prevent error when parsing bulk_size parameter * 12687 FIX: activation_cleanup: fix growing tmp directory due to inactive cleanup job * 11685 FIX: check_mk_agent.linux: moving sections exclude rule option to linux agent section * 12039 FIX: cluster discovery: Fix moving services to unmonitored * 11810 FIX: mkbackup: Fix locking problems * 12861 FIX: Fix core reload on changes in local agent based plugins NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13374 FIX: Fix wrong converting of disabled service rules with negate on update NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13478 FIX: Mitigate wrong conversion of disabled service rules on update NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13713 FIX: Special agent for IPMI sensors: Fix privilege level configuration NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
Site management: * 13320 omd update: Add version compatibility barrier * 13483 Checkmk Dockerfile: Enable authentication for relay_host * 13322 SEC: Limit executable php scripts to NagVis files * 13324 SEC: Shipping software bill of materials with Checkmk * 13201 FIX: omd cleanup: Skip default version * 12727 FIX: Diskspace cleanup: Fix RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration * 11748 FIX: Fix double slashes in tmpfs fstab entries * 12665 FIX: OMD: Fix potential performance issue when system wide LDAP authorization is enabled * 13409 FIX: RESTAPI: do not update config generation on certain post requests * 13025 FIX: make `cmk –snmptranslate` more robust * 10246 FIX: omd backup: Made it more robust against rrdcached communication issues * 11760 FIX: omd config: Fix toggling of dependent options * 11359 FIX: omd now restores all hardlinks
User interface: * 13334 Drop support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) * 13325 Two-factor authentication via FIDO2/WebAuthn * 12863 labels: Improve filtering in views * 12872 Add global option to log logon failures * 12213 Add option for number of items to show in topics * 11668 Add option to define if navigation bar icons should show a title * 13362 Adjustments to service discovery page * 12481 CSV/JSON export of views use custom title for rows headers * 12750 Change sort order of setup search results * 12830 Cleanup abandoned user profile directories after 30 days * 13364 Dashlets: Use default Timewindows * 11517 Detect slow views and log view details in web.log * 12483 Event rates in graphs can be of very small magnitude * 12143 Graph dashlets: Optionally disable time range synchronization * 13387 Improve usability of “Create rule” buttons * 12212 Make confirm dialog for downtimes more user friendly * 12137 Monitor menu entries are now searchable in mega menu * 12458 Network Topology: The bookmark for this page now includes more settings * 13498 New permission to publish customizations to groups of user * 12059 Remove “show more” as default on visual creation and add new topic * 11914 Remove ‘Individual program call’ option from connection tests page * 12218 Remove custom graph and combined graph option from CRE dashboards * 13736 Remove obsolete sidebar snapins * 11666 Remove quicksearch as default sidebar snapin * 13606 Simplify adding CAs and new permission to perform requests from the Checkmk server * 13607 Successful configuration updates now produce a change * 12060 Use new filter search form on all pages with tables * 13287 Views/Dashboards/Reports are now rendered faster in setups with a large number of users * 12058 Add option to set show mode in global settings NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13391 Remove support for IE 11 NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13330 SEC: Don’t show clear text passwords in the audit log NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12762 SEC: Fix XSS * 12826 SEC: Fix reflected XSS using the on page search * 13332 SEC: Password store for LDAP service and SMTP service access * 12912 SEC: Update mobile GUI * 12286 FIX: Fix GUI connection issues in distributed setups * 11756 FIX: Fix errors after form submissions when using web server authentication * 12031 FIX: Views: Views are now asking for missing contexts just like dashboards * 12920 FIX: “Downtimes of service” is now below the topic Monitoring * 13376 FIX: Add automatic cleanup note if crash report can not be found * 11936 FIX: Add colored background to OK, Wa, Un, Cr columns * 12074 FIX: Add help text to “Archive events of hosts” command * 13326 FIX: Add missing colors to the state column of active checks in the service discovery * 12551 FIX: Add missing links to views hidden from menu * 13329 FIX: Add missing state colors in analyze configuration * 13383 FIX: Add note that ‘*’ is replaced by ‘.*’ in monitoring search * 12225 FIX: Add service discovery rules to parameters of services page * 12526 FIX: Add success message to “Change password” page * 12485 FIX: Apply limits in Alert Statistics views * 12797 FIX: Automatically resize search window after every search * 12047 FIX: Availability: Fix displaying of availability popup after validation error * 12048 FIX: Availability: Fix modifying display or computation options * 12279 FIX: Availability: Fix services appearing in wrong groups * 12126 FIX: Availability: Limit processed data of 0 means unlimited * 13154 FIX: BI visualization: fix links in the context menus of nodes * 13153 FIX: BI visualization: fix undo/redo and interactive resizing * 12839 FIX: Background job details: Do not flicker while job is running * 12845 FIX: Cleanup redundant custom sidebar snapin permission * 12858 FIX: Clearer naming of host and service labels and tags in headings * 12992 FIX: Correct unit for memory in f5_bigip_mem * 12841 FIX: Customizing the “Staleness value” had no effect * 12138 FIX: Dashboard: Fix broken graph hover effects * 11876 FIX: Dashboard: Prevent exception when trying to copy view to dashboard * 11619 FIX: Dashboards: Fix selecting “Required context filters” in dashboard properties * 12420 FIX: Dashboards: Unify handling of dashboard-wide filters * 12873 FIX: Disable link to availability if required context information is missing * 11764 FIX: Do not treat site as dead when EC is not running * 13333 FIX: Don’t raise an exception if host and services are assigned to groups * 12226 FIX: Don’t show disabled sites in sidebar snapins * 11793 FIX: Dropdowns with too small width * 12742 FIX: Enable scrollbar in dashlets linking to existing views * 13358 FIX: Explicit hosts input field no longer replaces + (plus) * 12979 FIX: Fix “Element does not exist anymore” message in notification conditions * 12069 FIX: Fix “Failed to parse file” error on iCalendar import * 12860 FIX: Fix “element is not longer available” error on view edit * 12963 FIX: Fix BI aggregation work tree * 12219 FIX: Fix GIT version control for WATO * 12843 FIX: Fix GUI profiling not enabled immediately * 13663 FIX: Fix JSONDecodeError on crash reports view * 11912 FIX: Fix KeyError on editing roles of LDAP user * 13249 FIX: Fix KeyError on view opening if permission “History” is missing * 13108 FIX: Fix NotADirectoryError on user profile cleanup background job * 11922 FIX: Fix TypeError in case of “None” value for status host * 12230 FIX: Fix TypeError on LDAP user synchronization * 12977 FIX: Fix UnboundLocalError on host import via CSV file * 11616 FIX: Fix accidental publishing of cloned user elements (e.g. bookmark lists) * 12871 FIX: Fix accidentally showing of unpublished visuals * 12214 FIX: Fix adding label conditions in rulesets * 13022 FIX: Fix adding temperature graph to graph collections * 11917 FIX: Fix and rework user notification option “Send hint to …” * 11924 FIX: Fix archive event button in events view * 11759 FIX: Fix broken “Discovery state” filter in customized view * 11757 FIX: Fix broken bookmark snapin * 12041 FIX: Fix broken host graphs on views with some joined service columns * 13368 FIX: Fix bulk discovery on hosts imported from CSV in folder * 12229 FIX: Fix bulk operations in host search * 12611 FIX: Fix calculation of soft query limit in HW/SW inventory views * 11857 FIX: Fix changing refresh interval of views * 11919 FIX: Fix closing popup on host deletion * 12075 FIX: Fix color of status column entries in events view * 12868 FIX: Fix confirm message of remove comment command * 12070 FIX: Fix creation of timeperiod copy * 12035 FIX: Fix custom host/service attribute painters * 11918 FIX: Fix default value of “Number of columns” in display options of views * 12607 FIX: Fix deletion of failed notifications * 12131 FIX: Fix deletion of failed notifications in distributed setups * 12033 FIX: Fix deletion of failed notifications in distributed setups * 13378 FIX: Fix detection of HTTP protocol * 12056 FIX: Fix disappearance of popup indicator when reloading graphs * 13242 FIX: Fix diskspace cleanup for hosts moved from central to remote site * 12038 FIX: Fix displaying host graphs on dashboard * 12227 FIX: Fix displaying inventory status data in CRE * 13660 FIX: Fix duplicate “Event icons” painter * 12754 FIX: Fix duplicated reload icon on connection test page * 12964 FIX: Fix editing of labels * 11751 FIX: Fix editing site specific global settings * 13248 FIX: Fix empty BI sidebar snapins * 12527 FIX: Fix error handling of missing dashlet types * 13232 FIX: Fix error in views if display option ‘t’ is used * 11915 FIX: Fix error messages on check plugin page if check or catalog entry is missing * 12869 FIX: Fix error on commands in views with always enabled checkboxes * 12753 FIX: Fix error on connection tests page * 13245 FIX: Fix error on editing labels in rule conditions * 12976 FIX: Fix error using link of inherited attributes * 12064 FIX: Fix error while creating predefined condition * 12073 FIX: Fix exception on editing users if rulebased notifications are disabled * 12221 FIX: Fix exporting of rules for API * 12874 FIX: Fix filter on audit log page * 12532 FIX: Fix graph popup preview styling in CRE * 12743 FIX: Fix handling of start url in user profile * 11859 FIX: Fix handling of upper case characters in login _origtarget * 12608 FIX: Fix height of mobile login input fields * 12971 FIX: Fix host selection when using inpage search * 12036 FIX: Fix host/service view export containing icons * 11909 FIX: Fix hostname as required field in host search * 12057 FIX: Fix indicator for unacknowledged incompatible werks * 12737 FIX: Fix internal error while sorting by ip address in views * 12625 FIX: Fix invalidation of session on logout * 13246 FIX: Fix label input fields only searched for labels beginning with search string * 13667 FIX: Fix label search for labels with same key * 12973 FIX: Fix landing page of bulk imports * 13099 FIX: Fix link to user guide in page menu * 11618 FIX: Fix links to hosts / services from service dashlets * 12833 FIX: Fix logout of active user sessions when using multiple sessions * 13614 FIX: Fix missing context in title on hostgroup and servicegroup views * 13100 FIX: Fix missing context while saving customized visuals * 11765 FIX: Fix missing graph hover information * 11925 FIX: Fix missing link to associated host or service BI aggregation * 12141 FIX: Fix missing navigation after automatic logout and login * 13109 FIX: Fix missing rows in builtin view “Unmonitored services” * 12969 FIX: Fix missing selection in bulk host import service discovery * 12615 FIX: Fix modification of existing entries while cloning * 12533 FIX: Fix naming of entries in sorting section of views * 12127 FIX: Fix one site logging out the login session of another site * 13111 FIX: Fix painter “Service notification number” * 11749 FIX: Fix popup after editing user profile * 13239 FIX: Fix possibility to activate changes in read only mode * 13515 FIX: Fix possible LockNotOwnedError if data is queried from redis * 12968 FIX: Fix possible synchronization error on user profile changes in distributed setups * 12966 FIX: Fix predictive icon link in distributed setups * 11920 FIX: Fix preview selection of folders while moving * 12128 FIX: Fix random encrypted livestatus connection issues without Livestatus proxy * 13236 FIX: Fix reload of graphs if page update countdown is stopped * 11663 FIX: Fix reload of mega menu on changes in visuals * 12744 FIX: Fix required comment field for adhoc downtimes * 13664 FIX: Fix required comment field on removing of downtimes * 12067 FIX: Fix rowselections written to null.mk file * 11926 FIX: Fix rule search for hosts in folders * 12220 FIX: Fix saving of values in suggestion fields * 12072 FIX: Fix show mode always displaying show more * 12622 FIX: Fix show mode in filter popup * 11908 FIX: Fix show more mode for dictionary valuespecs * 12211 FIX: Fix show more mode in page menu dropdowns * 11665 FIX: Fix sidebar position quick toggle * 12066 FIX: Fix site selection on activate changes page * 12967 FIX: Fix sorting and disabled table limit on users page * 12975 FIX: Fix sorting of Business Intelligence packs, rules and aggregations * 13231 FIX: Fix source of painter “Docker node” * 12223 FIX: Fix text wrap of wato error messages * 11867 FIX: Fix too many page and graph reloads when reopening inactive tabs * 12740 FIX: Fix unique naming of host and service labels * 12617 FIX: Fix url escaping while cloning views of users with special characters * 13247 FIX: Fix user logout on remote sites while activating changes * 13658 FIX: Fix validation of ID while creating or cloning visuals and pagetypes * 13234 FIX: Fix validation of label keys in ruleset conditions * 12132 FIX: Fix view crash when linking to views with missing context * 13105 FIX: Fix visualization of tags and labels in rule conditions * 12065 FIX: Fix word wrap on service discovery page * 12972 FIX: Fix wrong soft query limit warning * 12517 FIX: Fixed “Services colored according to state” view column * 10615 FIX: Fixed agent file links to always trigger a download * 11376 FIX: Fixed empty columns for optional long output * 12516 FIX: Fixed state colors and overlapping texts in availability and timeline tables * 13183 FIX: Fixed steadily rising CPU due to misconfiguration when cloning builtin dashboards * 12663 FIX: Fixed steadily rising CPU load due to misconfigured dashboard dashlets * 12534 FIX: Fixed sytling of permission matrix page * 12521 FIX: Fixed table background color and border in statistics dashlets * 12854 FIX: GUI: Improve loading times after restart of the site apache * 12040 FIX: Graph dashlet: Fix division by zero for small dashlets * 12995 FIX: Graph don’t confuse metrics names that are like numbers for values * 12378 FIX: HW/SW Inventory: Do not show inventory tree of same-named hosts * 12379 FIX: HW/SW Inventory: Fix joined inventory views * 13107 FIX: HW/SW Inventory: Fix missing icon for packages * 12376 FIX: HW/SW Inventory: Fix sorting inventory tables, eg. ‘Network interfaces’ * 13357 FIX: Highlighting of hovered text in light theme * 10614 FIX: Improved hexagon visualization on dashboards * 11794 FIX: Improved support for IE11 * 12915 FIX: Informational text abot clusters was not shown in the “Catalog of check plugins” * 11753 FIX: LDAP: Fix “Save & Test” action * 13110 FIX: LDAP: Fix MKLDAPException if “User-ID attribute” is not lower case * 11754 FIX: LDAP: Fix connection error displaying * 12847 FIX: LDAP: Fix handling of groups containing “#” in Active Directory * 13369 FIX: License usage: Fix invalid period error if exactly one year is entered * 12384 FIX: License usage: Fix last samples table; The first samples are displayed by mistake * 12522 FIX: Make UI forms submittable on enter * 13097 FIX: Make host search more flexible on parent search * 12133 FIX: Mobile GUI: Fix wrong numbers shown by overview page * 12466 FIX: Network Topology: Fixed broken display when updating data * 11453 FIX: Network Topology: Fixed incorrect connection lines after data update * 12459 FIX: Network Topology: Fixed missing icons for icon overlay * 13155 FIX: Network topology and BI visualization: fix node highlighting and selection * 12061 FIX: New login session idle timeout default * 11441 FIX: Node visualization: Throttle updates to a maximum of 5times/sec * 12552 FIX: Notes URL is now always opened in new tab or window * 12421 FIX: Notification history: links for multiple contacts * 12422 FIX: Notifications of contact: handle multiple contacts correctly * 12068 FIX: Only enable “On selected hosts” options if hosts exist in folder * 12805 FIX: Overlapping label inputs (label conditions) * 12996 FIX: Performance graphs always use default color styles * 12991 FIX: Previsualization of views/dashboard/reports by admins * 12855 FIX: Raw Edition: Remove artifacts of old CRE graphing GUI * 12741 FIX: Remove “Archive events of hosts” command from host views * 12528 FIX: Remove duplicated save button on some dashlets * 12530 FIX: Remove problem dashboard from CRE * 12228 FIX: Remove single metric dashlets from CRE dashboard * 12032 FIX: Reporting snapin: Fix empty page when changing timerange after adding snapin * 13024 FIX: Restore SLA timeline proportions * 12046 FIX: SLA: Fix “unmonitored” rendering in timeline * 12045 FIX: SLA: Fix rendering of timelines * 10613 FIX: Service discovery: Make the ‘Add missing, remove vanished’ action responsive to checkboxes * 12490 FIX: Service statistics dashlet recognizes configured filters * 12217 FIX: Set topic to “Other” if view topic is empty * 12983 FIX: Setup search: Automatically recognize changes from extension packages * 12738 FIX: Skip empty values on bulk host import via CSV file * 13335 FIX: Small adjustments to the Evenc Console menu * 13365 FIX: Sorting for perf-o-meters after decimal point * 13367 FIX: Support Diagnostics: Fix “Argument list too long” exception * 11519 FIX: Support Diagnostics: Fix validation of diagnostics tar file name if downloading from remote site * 13141 FIX: Translation of custom localizable texts * 13388 FIX: Tree of folders snapin: Fix default dropdowns * 12295 FIX: View editor: Fix title of custom host attribute painter * 12555 FIX: Views: Fix crash when sorting hosts by IPv4 addresses * 12556 FIX: Views: Fix overriding hard coded filters using filter form * 12829 FIX: Views: Improve loading speed with a large number of users * 12557 FIX: Views: Painters “Host’s children” and “Host’s parents” ignore configured links now * 12980 FIX: check_http: Fix escaping of URL if “Clickable URLs” option is used * 11923 FIX: logwatch: Fix hiding of context * 12751 FIX: mkevents: Fix link to events of host * 12911 FIX: mobile GUI: notification contacts linked to non-mobile GUI * 13340 FIX: view: sort perf-o-meter with missing value * 13244 FIX: wut_webio: Fix AssertionError on rules page * 12071 FIX: Fix default active time range on iCalendar timeperiod imports NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12875 FIX: Fix ignored changes on local defined config variables NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12749 FIX: Fix missing confirm dialog on editing used tag ID * 13106 FIX: Fix missing spaces on CSV and JSON export of views * 12865 FIX: Fix possibility to overwrite selections of other users NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12736 FIX: Honor date and timestamp format parameter in automation calls of views NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13250 FIX: LDAP: Fix attribute sync for roles and groups if OpenLDAP is used NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13237 FIX: Validate input for recurring downtimes on “same day of the month” NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12215 FIX: db2_mem, mssql_blocked_sessions: Fix usage of new service description
Changes in the Checkmk Enterprise Edition:
Agent bakery: * 12146 Agent Bakery: Improve deployment host selection form * 11721 Allow additional tags for baked RPM agent packages * 11815 Bakery plugin for Windows Oracle Monitoring * 13127 Provide caller’s IP in web.log for errors arising from agent updater requests * 12676 mk_logwatch: Make logwatch available for Solaris in Agent Bakery * 12553 FIX: Agent bakery: Fix host label conditions in distributed setups * 12154 FIX: Agent Bakery fails over custom binary files * 12148 FIX: Bake&Sign sometimes misses some signatures * 12147 FIX: Baked agents implicitly lose their signature when new hosts are added * 12150 FIX: Bakery error when baking with agent updater proxy configuration * 11722 FIX: Bug occuring on xinetd reload on agent update * 11726 FIX: Error on windows agent update in case of a numerical agent hash * 11933 FIX: Rename Versioning variables in agent plugins * 13131 FIX: custom_files: Fix permissions of custom deployed agent plugins * 13134 FIX: custom_files: Place plugins under the right directory on windows * 12203 FIX: ibm_mq: Agent doesn’t return a version * 13132 FIX: mk_filestats: Deploy agent plugin without config * 12152 FIX: mk_jolokia: Error running agent plugin when deploying via agent bakery * 11712 FIX: mk_jolokia: Fix plugin execution on Windows * 11711 FIX: mk_logwatch: Fix plugin execution on Windows * 13130 FIX: mk_oracle: Fix bakery crash on deactivated agent rule * 12140 FIX: mk_redis: Add missing agent bakery plugin * 13129 FIX: set correct access rights on Linux TGZ data structure * 11723 FIX: winperf_if: Deployment of agent plugin “Network interfaces on Windows” * 12151 FIX: Agent updater fails eventually when proxy environment is set on host NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12679 FIX: cmk-update-agent: Prevent crash on missing “Content-Length” HTTP header NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12155 FIX: cmk_update_agent: Fix proxy configuration NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
Checks & agents: * 12696 Let the core helpers time out * 12187 Status mapping params for haproxy * 12186 Support for fan and power status in HP HH3C switches * 12323 Windows agent reports warning if update failed due to wrong Python environment * 12193 ps: Metrics for oldest and youngest process age * 12921 sap_hana: Cluster-aware checks * 12188 ups_out_load: Upper thresholds/levels for OUT Load are configurable * 12672 SEC: real-time-checks: Provide default password * 13600 FIX: Custom Windows agent port was not respected during update * 12204 FIX: ibm_mq_queues: Fix crash by adjusting output of agent plugin ibm_mq * 12910 FIX: Check_MK and Check_MK Discovery: clarify SNMP timeout message * 12902 FIX: Checking used cached data after autodiscovery activated changes * 13476 FIX: Occasional KeyError in inline SNMP fetcher * 13612 FIX: Predictive levels preview plot on incomplete data * 12191 FIX: brocade_fcport: Fix crash when data missing * 12199 FIX: ceph_df: Error in metrics calculation in new ceph version * 12313 FIX: checks: diskstat: Fix predictive values * 12329 FIX: db2_mem rulespec is correctly processed by bakery * 12194 FIX: dell_compellent_folder: Fix discovery error when data missing * 12202 FIX: f5_bigip_vserver: Crash when ip address invalid * 12205 FIX: ipmi_sensors: Sensor with “non-critical” state wasn’t parametrizable * 12195 FIX: site_object_counts: Error when site object empty * 12196 FIX: snmp_info: Crash when \n in snmp_info data * 12197 FIX: sophos_disk: Invalid metric name * 12198 FIX: openbsd: Memory service not discovered NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
Core & setup: * 12699 Activate Livestatus TCP socket with systemd on recent enough systems * 11346 ntopng Integration into Checkmk * 10132 FIX: Fixed acknowledgement type of shadow hosts/services * 10134 FIX: Fixed logging of acknowledgements in monitoring history * 12168 FIX: Handle non-persistent comments correctly * 13087 FIX: Remove ad hoc restrictions in the generic check helper protocol. * 12167 FIX: Fixed acknowledgement expiry * 10130 FIX: Fixed performance bug in monitoring history cache * 12320 FIX: Hosts will use Classic SNMP backend for SNMP-v1 datasource * 12698 FIX: CMC would eat flapping notifications * 12834 FIX: Do not fail on not existing time periods in “Check period for passive Check_MK services” * 12304 FIX: Fix case where passive checks would remain “passive” until a core restart * 12700 FIX: Fix false positives and high CPU for smart ping * 12697 FIX: Fix problem with removing acknowledgements * 12462 FIX: Fixed excessively long compuation time of timeperiods during core config generation * 11906 FIX: Improve message length computation in fetcher protocol * 13360 FIX: No longer allow semicolon in service descriptions * 13408 FIX: RESTAPI: allow downloading vanilla and generic agents
Dynamic host configuration: * 12224 FIX: Dynamic configuration: Fix placement of “Execution has been triggered” message * 12563 FIX: Dynamic host configuration: Fix displaying of errors from remote sites * 12134 FIX: Fix dynamic configuration executing only phase 1 in some cases * 12037 FIX: Fix dynamic configuration executing only phase 1 in some distributed setups * 11891 FIX: Inform remote site when a DCD Connection is moved somewhere else * 12222 FIX: Dynamic configuration: Fix example connector configuration NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
Event console: * 12169 FIX: Fixed potential deadlock when archiving event console events
Inline SNMP: * 13574 FIX: Update net-snmp lib to 5.9.1 * 11929 FIX: Change Inline SNMP Backend back to NetSNMP * 11931 FIX: PySNMP: Increase performance when creating core config * 11710 FIX: PySNMP: No longer return empty string * 11713 FIX: PySNMP: Opaque Handling
Livestatus: * 12166 FIX: Fixed comment/downtime WaitTriggers * 10133 FIX: Fixed source attribute of user comments * 13090 FIX: Fixed ‘transitions’ and ‘next_transition’ columns in timeperiods table. * 12988 FIX: Logging Level For Liveproxy Daemon * 13092 FIX: Fixed types of various CMC Livestatus columns NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
Livestatus proxy: * 13714 FIX: Avoid unnecessary Liveproxy Daemon restarts upon “Activate changes” * 12560 FIX: Cascading livestatus proxy can now open encrypted sockets * 13518 FIX: Liveproxy Daemon: React to changes in CAs without manual restart * 13352 FIX: Liveproxyd: Fix default connection parameters * 13281 FIX: Liveproxyd: Fixed unresponsive communication with remote sites * 11443 FIX: liveproxy: fixed broken cleanup of channels without client
Metrics system: * 12478 Automatic page refresh on graph collections and combined graphs * 12491 No autorefresh in Custom Graph editor * 12486 FIX: Correctly display timerange of Forecast Graphs in graph collections * 12495 FIX: Fix Graphs when active check ICMP inspects a host with multiple addresses * 12492 FIX: Fix add metric from service view to custom and forecast graphs * 13616 FIX: Users with edit permissions for custom graphs can save their changes
NagVis: * 13493 FIX: MTR agent plugin: Run also under systemd
Notifications: * 13610 Notification spooler connections can now be encrypted NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 13328 Remove global setting “Notification spooler insecure messages” * 13096 ServiceNow: Added support for creation of cases * 13331 FIX: Performance improvements for the mknotifyd * 12870 FIX: Jira: Make site custom field ID optional * 12758 FIX: notification replay not working and errors in the cmc.log * 12856 FIX: ServiceNow: Clearer assignment in distributed environments NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12614 FIX: mknotifyd: Fix missing environment variables
Ntopng integration: * 13569 Make ntopng integration vlan aware * 11819 Migrate ntop integration to APIv2 endpoints * 11821 FIX: Avoid duplicated ntop painters in Service Views * 11354 FIX: Crash in service dropdown of interfaces without IP * 11818 FIX: DNS Names in ntop integration * 13572 FIX: Disable SSL checking with ntop * 11817 FIX: Interface dependent links to ntopng * 12396 FIX: Links to ntopng are now using ifid * 12399 FIX: Opacity for TopTalkers area graphs * 13573 FIX: Reenable ntopng flows page * 12398 FIX: TopTalkers: Do not let figures vanish * 12397 FIX: Use correct units for Top Talkers Dashboard * 13571 FIX: VLAN aware ntop setups
Other components: * 13475 No longer adapt service names to the agent package name NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12606 FIX: CEE free edition: Fix limitation for number of hosts
Reporting & availability: * 12487 Extend reports user permissions to allow edit of report elements from other users * 13389 Reports: Change color properties to take rgb values * 12998 Title alignment in report graphs * 13193 SEC: XSS in report editing * 13719 SEC: Remove report element “Paragraph of text fetched via HTTP(s)” NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12831 FIX: Improve page breaks when rendering graph columns over multiple pages * 12796 FIX: Add computation options to availability options * 13615 FIX: Add margin to Graph titles in reports * 13613 FIX: Admin can edit report schedules for reports not published to them * 12476 FIX: Corretly present filters for report elements of multiple subreports * 12801 FIX: Error when Rendering report with Availability table * 12479 FIX: Fix “Availability table” report element rendering * 12278 FIX: Fix adding new views elements to reports * 12484 FIX: Fix customgraphs in reports * 13502 FIX: Fix duplicatet context in title on export of views as PDF * 12488 FIX: Fix graph collections in reports * 13235 FIX: Fix missing context if “Add context information to title” is used * 12746 FIX: Fix possible UnicodeDecodeError in reports * 13503 FIX: Fix wrong sort order in PDF reports on exporting views * 12997 FIX: Report scheduler does not remove elements anymore * 12832 FIX: Views: Do not show table headers on end of page without content
Setup: * 11851 Windows agent MSI checks that Windows OS is appropriate for installation * 11849 Windows agent’s Python supports obsolete Windows OS’s * 13037 Add dashlet to display inventory attribute * 12795 Add dashlets to display host or service states * 13601 Agent controller for Windows agent can be disabled in WATO * 11631 License usage report: How to exclude sites, hosts and services from license counting * 13122 MRPE agent bakery rule: allow more characters in service descriptions * 12333 FIX: Disabled possibility to add too big files to the agent installer * 12785 FIX: Fix “A negative value is not valid.” in “Problem notification” Main Dashboard * 12558 FIX: Fix “Remote alert handlers (Linux)” rule processing * 12562 FIX: Fix RuntimeError when opening a folder configuration (2.0.0p3 regression) * 11863 FIX: Fix upload of CA files to “Agent Updater” rule * 12794 FIX: SLA details general view * 13471 FIX: mk_logwatch: validate regular expressions upon rule creation
The Checkmk Micro Core: * 12173 FIX: Fixed service authorization handling * 13086 FIX: Log error messages from the ICMP sender again. * 12175 FIX: Postpone notifications for passively checked objects, too. * 12172 FIX: Fixed CMC crash after migration from Nagios * 13089 FIX: Fixed logging with microsecond timestamps * 13093 FIX: Limit various fields lengths when writing to the monitoring history.
User interface: * 13623 New default dashboards for linux and windows * 13145 Add Host/Service state summary dashlet * 13137 Bar Chart Dashlet: Add possibility to set limits to x-axis * 11439 NTOP: Added builtin dashoards for alerts and flows * 11667 Set default unique connection ID on dynamic host connection creation * 13101 FIX: Agent bakery: Fix reset of conditions while toggling master switch * 13151 FIX: Don’t crash if SLAs are displayed in views * 11916 FIX: Fix adding of graphs to custom graphs or graph collections * 12619 FIX: Fix error on editing downtimes without specifying a new downtime start * 12609 FIX: Fix metric selection in graph designer * 11911 FIX: Fix missing context/search filters in report scheduler * 13113 FIX: Fix missing option to modify refresh interval * 12062 FIX: Fix rendering of report snapin if icon is missing * 11921 FIX: Fix title of sla columns in view configuration * 13290 FIX: Fixed broken SLA painters in customize view * 13386 FIX: Positioning of single metric dashlet content * 13140 FIX: Random order of combined graphs * 13136 FIX: SLA View: Displaced timelines * 10612 FIX: Service graphs: Vertically align the timerange choices with the displayed graph * 13586 FIX: Timeline dashlets: Missing data with both context filters * 11866 FIX: Views: Host/service context PDF links are now visible in Export menu * 10611 FIX: ntopng intergration: List of fixes
Changes in the Checkmk Managed Services Edition:
BI: * 13280 FIX: Customer Sites now only receive their respective BI configuration * 13283 FIX: Fixed error on customer sites caused by missing aggregation rules
Checks & agents: * 12192 FIX: sap_hana_ess_migration: Fix error when data missing
Setup: * 12451 CME: Improved performance when pushing snapshots to remote sites * 12461 FIX: Fixed missing sync of MKP and local directories to remote sites * 12453 FIX: CME Activate Changes: No longer override user files on remote sites * 12291 FIX: Fix exception on logo upload page (UnsupportedOperation) * 12452 FIX: Pushing snapshot to remote site no longer causes an exception * 12460 FIX: Title: Customer logos configured in 1.6 no longer leave “Activation changes” hanging * 13500 FIX: LDAP: Only set customer user attribute on creation NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
User interface: * 12961 FIX: Fix usage of custom logos * 12529 FIX: Remove duplicated upload button on “Custom GUI design” page * 13370 FIX: Fix LDAP synchronisation of customer attribute NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 12748 FIX: Fix missing new main dashboard NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
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