[Checkmk Announce] New Checkmk beta release 2.1.0b2

Dear friends of Checkmk,
the new beta release 2.1.0b2 of Checkmk is ready for download.
Please send general feedback and bug reports to this dedicated mail address:
feedback-2.1-beta [at] checkmk.com
All mails to this address will be used to improve the 2.1 and are completely free of charge.
Changes in all Checkmk Editions:

Changes in the Checkmk Enterprise Edition:

Changes in the Checkmk Managed Services Edition:

You can download Checkmk from our download page: * checkmk.com/download.php
Please mail bug reports and qualified feedback to feedback@checkmk.com. We greatly thank you for using Checkmk and wish you a successful monitoring,
Your Checkmk Team