[Dovecot-news] Pigeonhole v0.5.18 released

Hi all!
We are pleased to release v0.5.18 of Pigeonhole.
Debian/Stretch support has now been dropped.
CentOS 8 packages have been replaced with RedHat Enterprise Linux 8 packages. These should be compatible with all the various variants.
pigeonhole.dovecot.org/releases/2.3/dovecot-2.3-pigeonhole-0.5.18.tar.gz pigeonhole.dovecot.org/releases/2.3/dovecot-2.3-pigeonhole-0.5.18.tar.gz Binary packages in repo.dovecot.org/ Docker images in hub.docker.com/r/dovecot/dovecot
Regards, Aki Tuomi Open-Xchange oy