ANNOUNCE: libxfce4ui 4.17.5 released

libxfce4ui 4.17.5 is now available for download from
What is libxfce4ui? ===================
Libxfce4ui is used to share commonly used Xfce widgets among the Xfce applications.
Release notes for 4.17.5 ======================== [Please note that this is a development release.]
Development release on the master branch, required to allow Mousepad proper usage of the XfceShortcutsEditor.
– XfceShortcutsEditor: Allow NULL for section name and document it – XfceShortcutsEditor: Add new vectorized constructor – i18n: Do not use textdomain() in libs – XfceShortcutsEditor: Remove label formatting if necessary – Simplify startup notification timeout – XfceShortcutsDialog: center the dialog on the parent window – Translation Updates: Danish, Russian _______________________________________________ Xfce-announce mailing list