[Checkmk Announce] New Checkmk beta release 2.1.0b8

Dear friends of Checkmk,
the new beta release 2.1.0b8 of Checkmk is ready for download.
This test release ships with 7 changes affecting all editions of Checkmk, 1 Enterprise Edition specific changes and 1 Managed Services Edition specific changes.
Additionally, we wanted to let you know that we are also preparing our user guide for the new version. Here you can find some articles that are relevant for new features of 2.1:
New agents: docs.checkmk.com/master/en/agent_linux.html & docs.checkmk.com/master/en/agent_windows.html Kubernetes: docs.checkmk.com/master/en/monitoring_kubernetes.html Influx: docs.checkmk.com/master/en/metrics_exporter.html Grafana: docs.checkmk.com/master/en/grafana.html Datadog: docs.checkmk.com/master/en/integrating_datadog.html Two-factor authentication: docs.checkmk.com/master/en/wato_user.html#2fa
Changes in all Checkmk Editions:
Checks & agents: * 13857 Windows agent uses perflib to obtain wmi_cpuload data * 14121 KUBE: Import annotations as host labels * 14084 Deprecate old HW/SW inventory plugin API NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes! * 14123 FIX: KUBE: Change Service name ‘Cluster Collector’ NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
Core & setup: * 13931 FIX: wrong labels not raising errors in the REST API
Setup: * 14102 FIX: Fix possible ValueError on activation of remote sites * 13748 FIX: Support Diagnostics: Missing performance report
Changes in the Checkmk Enterprise Edition:
User interface: * 14104 FIX: Fix error on adding views to reports
Changes in the Checkmk Managed Services Edition:
Setup: * 14103 FIX: Fix synchronisation of password store entries to customer sites
You can download Checkmk from our download page: * checkmk.com/download.php
Please mail bug reports and qualified feedback to feedback@checkmk.com. We greatly thank you for using Checkmk and wish you a successful monitoring,
Your Checkmk Team