[CentOS-announce] [Infra] : Planned outage : git.centos.org

Due to a scheduled pagure upgrade, we’ll have to move the existing Pagure instance (aka git.centos.org) to a new node.
Migration is scheduled for “”””Monday June 13rd, 7:00 am UTC time””””. You can convert to local time with $(date -d ‘2022-06-13 07:00 UTC’)
The expected “downtime” is estimated to ~60 minutes , time needed to : – backup/restore last DB dump – import and convert DB schema for newer pagure version – last data (sources in lookaside cache and git repositories) sync – verify service and switch public IP to new host.
Important note wrt that migration is that we’re moving from pagure 5.8 running on CentOS 7 to pagure 5.13 on RHEL 8. It means it’s a new host and so sshd host keys will change (we didn’t want to import older host keys to comply with newer algo) The new fingerprint will be displayed at usual place (git.centos.org/ssh_info) but it only matters for SIGs users pushing to specific projects/branches over ssh. For people pulling through https, nothing changes.
Here are in advance the new fingerprints :
rsa=3072 SHA256:qeSehpwh3X7HI0D/jF7N4qZcergdr9tUCdaZ2EIdiLc (RSA) rsa_md5=3072 MD5:a9:a1:ba:83:96:71:28:ca:86:19:c0:5d:4f:48:9f:63 (RSA) ecdsa=256 SHA256:vIRsg5g/t/7ucYP4NKTkcPJdE7CWbFQVInscthHKihU (ECDSA) ecdsa_md5=256 MD5:8f:40:35:4f:b9:43:60:d9:09:c0:5f:80:52:69:c8:8d (ECDSA)
Also worth knowing that we also present a signed cert for sshd host keys, so if you already trust our CA (github.com/CentOS/ansible-role-sshd/blob/master/defaults/main.yml#L33) in your ~/.ssh/known_hosts file, you’ll not even have to accept new key
Thanks for your understanding and patience.
on behalf of the Infra team,