GSSDP 1.5.1, GUPnP 1.5.1

New development releases for GSSDP and GUPnP.
Main features: GUPnP does not crash anymore when trying to get  parameters from an action.
Known issues: The error handling in ServiceProxy.call_action() is  broken.
They are available for download at and
Changes in GSSDP since 1.5.0: =============================
– Clean-up debug output – Allow interface indexes up to MAXINT
Bugs fixed in this release: – Hopefully this should fix
All contributors to this release: – Jens Georg <> – Olivier Crête <>
Changes in GUPnP since 1.5.0: ============================= – Minor doc fixes – Remove left-overs from WhiteList renaming – Make tests a little friendlier if there is no ipv6 – Fix a couple of issues from scan-build
DeviceInfo: – Make DeviceInfo:document accessible – Offer convenience function DeviceInfo:get_icon_async to combine icon lookup and icon download
ServiceAction: – Potential fix for running g_clear_pointer on an uninitialized value – Fix getting parameters from action
ServiceInfo: – Do not free an error that was propagated – Fix introspection on IPv6 devices
Service: – Fix critical if Soup error other than G_IO_ERROR_CANCELLED occured
All contributors to this release: – Jens Georg <>

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