Dovecot v2.2.32 release candidate released

The following information has been provided by the Dovecot-news mailing list.

There are various changes in this release that can be used to significantly reduce disk IO with:
1) NFS storage especially, but I guess also other remote filesystems and even some with local disks

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Dovecot v2.2.31 released

The following information has been provided by the Dovecot-news mailing list.

This should be a great and stable release for the summer 🙂 v2.2.32 is planned for the end of August. Hopefully soon afterwards we can get back to v2.3.

* LMTP: Removed “(Dovecot)” from added Received headers. Some
installations want to hide it, and there’s not really any good reason
for anyone to have it.

+ Add ssl_alt_cert and ssl_alt_key settings to add support for
having both RSA and ECDSA certificates.
+ dsync/imapc, pop3-migration plugin: Strip trailing whitespace from
headers when matching mails. This helps with migrations from Zimbra.
+ acl: Add acl_globals_only setting to disable looking up
per-mailbox dovecot-acl files.
+ Parse invalid message addresses better. This mainly affects the
generated IMAP ENVELOPE replies.
– v2.2.30 wasn’t fixing corrupted dovecot.index.cache files properly.
It could have deleted wrong mail’s cache or assert-crashed.
– v2.2.30 mail-crypt-acl plugin was assert-crashing
– v2.2.30 welcome plugin wasn’t working
– Various fixes to handling mailbox listing. Especially related to
handling nonexistent autocreated/autosubscribed mailboxes and ACLs.
– Global ACL file was parsed as if it was local ACL file. This caused
some of the ACL rule interactions to not work exactly as intended.
– auth: forward_* fields didn’t work properly: Only the first forward
field was working, and only if the first passdb lookup succeeded.
– Using mail_sort_max_read_count sometimes caused “Broken sort-*
indexes, resetting” errors.
– Using mail_sort_max_read_count may have caused very high CPU usage.
– Message address parsing could have crashed on invalid input.
– imapc_features=fetch-headers wasn’t always working correctly and
caused the full header to be fetched.
– imapc: Various bugfixes related to connection failure handling.
– quota=imapc sent unnecessary FETCH RFC822.SIZE to server when
expunging mails.
– quota=count: quota_warning = -storage=.. was never executed
– quota=count: Add support for “ns” parameter
– dsync: Fix incremental syncing for mails that don’t have Date or
Message-ID headers.
– imap: Fix hang when client sends pipelined SEARCH +
– oauth2: Token validation didn’t accept empty server responses.
– imap: NOTIFY command has been almost completely broken since the
beginning. I guess nobody has been trying to use it.

Released Pigeonhole v0.4.19 for Dovecot v2.2.31

The following information has been provided by the Dovecot-news mailing list.

Hello Dovecot users,

Here’s the definitive 0.4.19 release. There is one additional fix.

Changelog v0.4.19:

* This release adjusts Pigeonhole to several changes in the Dovecot API,
making it depend on Dovecot v2.2.31. Previous versions of Pigeonhole
will produce compile warnings with the recent Dovecot releases (but
still work ok).
– Fixed bug in handling of implicit keep in some cases. Implicit
side-effects, such as assigned flags, were not always applied
correctly. This is in essence a very old bug, but it was exposed by
recent changes.
– include extension: Fixed segfault that (sometimes) occurred when the
global script location was left unconfigured.

The release is available as follows:

Refer to and the Dovecot v2.x wiki for
more information. Have fun testing this release and don’t hesitate to
notify me when there are any problems.